Monday, November 29, 2010

Good News/Bad News

So today is a little bit of a good new/bad news kind of thing...If you are like me, you are an optimist and want to hear the good news first. If you aren't like me, read this post from bottom to top...
Good News Galore!

I won!!!!!
1. I never win anything, and I won a giveaway at The Sweetest Petunia for the blogerversary giveaway! She was actually featuring one of my favorite blogs Sandy a la Mode and her Etsy shop in the giveaway! Look at my loot!!!
Fabulous accessories! AND A HAIR BOW!! Blisss!!!
2. I got my "Sweet" shirt from Dressing on the Side!!! It is super cute, and there will be pictures to come!!

3. A fabulous food blog, Pizelles is doing a Winter Recipe Exchange! I got my recipe in the mail today! Potato Chip Cookies? Fun and interesting...I am always excited to try new crazy things! I have been a bum, and haven't mailed my recipe out yet. But, I will get on that a.s.a.p.

Bad News Bummer
I am getting paid to write a blog! I know that doesn't sound like bad news, but hear me out. The tennis club I work for is hosting a big national tennis tournament and they want ME to blog about it! Can you believe it? Paid to write!! 

The bad news here is that I am going to have to take a few days off of this blog, to focus on my other one. Don't worry I will be back!! And probably with some fabulous adventures to discuss. (I already have one about antique mall in Bakersfield!)

If any of you are tennis enthusiasts, you can check out my blog for the tournament at La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club! On that note, if you really love tennis you should def roll over to my brothers blog! He is an expert at all things tennis. Check it out at Tennis en Fuego.

Minor Complications. Be Back Soon.

Friday, November 26, 2010


As you know, today is when my family celebrates Thanksgiving. So, I will be officially 12 pounds heavier by the end of today. I suppose it is a good thing I already have a boyfriend who loves me and will accept my holiday weight gain. Speaking of boyfriend, Nick and Hudson are coming to Bakersfield today to celebrate with my fam! I haven't seen my men for a few days and I miss them. 

I will fill you in on family antics later this weekend. In other news, I got a fantastic mention in Kelsey of Eat, Drink, Be a Tourist "Four Things" post. I have known Kels for almost five years, and she is an amazing friend. We all coined her as "Mama Kels" because she never hesitates to be there for any of her friends. I truly love and cherish her friendship, and think she has the biggest heart in the whole wide world. Thanks Kels!
Kelsey Boo-Boo & me!
There are a few rules to this post including answering some questions then passing it along to 4 other bloggers. Let's do this!

Four Show I Watch: Glee, How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family, The Office

Four Things I'm Passionate About: Writing, A good relationship with my family, The strength of music, My faith as a Christian

Four Phrases I Say A Lot: "literally", "obvi", "totally", any quote from Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Four Things I've Learned from the Past: 
1) You can never make everyone happy at the same time, but it doesn't hurt to try. 
2) Trust is hard to earn back once it's lost. 
3) Forgive. Life is too short to hold a grudge. 
4) Surround yourself with a good quality of people.  

Four Places I Would Like to Go: Back in time to the 60's, All around the world, Never Never Land, Disneyworld
Four Things I Did Yesterday: Played so mean tennis doubles, watched Elf, gave Mimi & Papa (granparents) a BIG hug when they walked in the door, sat by the fire and drank hot cocoa
Four Things I'm Looking Forward to: Christmas!!! Hudson being fully potty-trained, getting my butt in shape, the next step....
Four Things I Love About Winter: Winter fashion (sweaters, scarves, and boots! Oh my!), Starbucks Christmas cups, having a fire going in the fireplace (we don't have one at my apartment. Bummer.), snuggling under lots of blankets. :)
Four Things on My Wish List: Coffee maker, some new additions to my wardrobe, decor for my room, and everyone to have a happy and safe holiday season!

So there is my Four Things post! Finally, I must pass this on to four fellow bloggers. Easy peasy! I have so many blogs that I love and deserve some recognition!

2. Clare at Checks and Spots
3. Krystal at Village
4. Christine at Bun & Borough

Chickity-check them out a.s.a.p! They are girls with a great voice, and their blogs inspire me daily! I am sure that their answers to the "Four Things" post will be great!

No Complications, just [four]tunate for Four Things.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Turkey Day Tradition

Another short post today due to the holiday...but thought I would write a little blurb about our Thanksgiving tradition.

As far back as I can remember, we celebrate Thanksgiving on Friday. I believe there was a reason back in the day, but we have been doing it for so long it has become quite the tradition. To be honest, I kind of like it.

For the day of Thanksgiving, the Mercado Family has developed our own little tradition. I love the idea that while the rest of America is doing the same thing, we're mixin it up Mercado style. 

What is this tradition you ask? Drumroll please.....
That's right, you're jealous. :)
Whoever is in town from our family is an eligible contestant. This year, the partners were as follows:
Becky (Mom) & Bryn Mercado
Julio (Dad) & Kai Mercado
The stage was set, and the match was on like Donkey Kong. Unfortunately for daddy and I, the broseph and mom JUST beat us. But it's okay, we'll get 'em next year!

I love that my family shares a passion for tennis, and it is something we can all do together. Traditions are a great thing, and brings you that much closer with the people you share them with. And a little friendly competition never hurt anyone, right?

Minor competition Complications, but good times for all.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hump Day Ramblings...

Today is a day of relaxation by the fire in this cold Bakersfield weather. (Yes, I think 48 degrees is absurdly cold. Thank you.) I am excited to be home once again. I have already indulged myself with THREE cups of Hot Chocolate with EXTRA Marshmallows....I am on vacation, please don't judge me.
Today, is a short post because I am being selfish. I know, I am sorry. But, I am enjoying my time with my family way too much right now. Can you blame me?

Let me paint you a mental picture about what is about to go down this weekend. 3 bedrooms, 9 people, 6 dogs. You do the math. Needless to say there will be plenty of interesting stories from my time, and you WILL be hearing about it.

No Complications yet. Stay tuned....

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Missing This...

Today's "Missing This" feature is a triple-threat. I miss all three of these things so much, and now they all have a lot in common, so I decided to put them all in one post. I suppose I should start somewhere, so it'll be the place I am missing the most right this second:

New York, New York!!!
I was lucky enough to visit this amazing city a few years ago, and let me tell you, I fell in love. It might be cliche, but the hustle and bustle of this city is unlike anything I have ever seen. There is always something new and exciting around every corner, and you can just feel the energy on every street. Needless to say, I haven't been back since and I am DYING to go for two very important reasons.
Love them, no longer love sledding. (long story)
Two of my really good friends, Dom and Ami just picked up their lives and moved to the Big Apple. Can you believe that courage? It takes so much confidence to move all the way across the country, and I am so proud of them. If any two people could do it, it would be these two. Let me break it down for you.
I met Ami my sophomore year of college, when she joined the sorority I was in. (Yes, I was in a sorority, lets not make a big deal about it) Anyways, we took Oceanography together and shared an equal amount of loathe and disdain for the class. After that, we became fast friends who shared lots of inside jokes. (Most of which included her making fun of me for the retarded things I say) 
If I could think of one word to describe her, it is creative. She is an amazing writer, with so much talent! And it does not surprise me in the least that she followed her talent to New York. She will do nothing but flourish there!
I also met Dom sophomore year through my sorority. Dom is hilarious, and could always figure out a way to make me smile. (Even if she doesn't like children or puppies!) Whenever your with Dom, you are guaranteed to have a crazy good time with some kind of hilarious adventure to follow.
I can only describe this as my sad face because I miss her? I dunno...
Dom is a bit of a fabulous contradiction. I have never met anyone who is an expert at having a GREAT time, but has a solid head on her shoulders. This is a girl with a plan, who isn't messing around. I can't even figure out what I am doing tomorrow, but Dom has got the next 5 years down to a T! Her ambition and work ethic will drive her straight to the top in NYC!

So, like I said this is a triple-threat. I miss New York, and my two friends who live there. I guess that is three BIG reasons for me to purchase a ticket a.s.a.p right? I guess there is only one problem. 

Too Broke to Travel Complication...

Monday, November 22, 2010

Blogs to Love

Okay, due to minor complications I had to postpone my new feature last week. But, it is back and better than ever this week! Let's do this!
I am particularly giddy about the blog I am featuring this week. By now you know that I am a girly-girl with a little bit of a twist. You might also know that I have a weird obsession with cupcakes. Well, this company and blog combines just that!
The fabulous Donna, the blogger behind Suddenly I See, has a fabulous blog for her company Dressing on the Side. She makes the cutest t-shirts in the whole wide world, and I literally want all of them! You should definitely go check out her blog and her shop on Etsy. Here is my favorite design:
Not only because i say "sweet" 100 times a day, but I also have a huge sweet-tooth! Perf.
I was lucky enough to interview Donna, and ask her some questions about all the fabulousness that is Dressing on the Side. She is a great person, with great opinions and thoughts on fashion and style.
What inspired you to start Dressing on the Side?
Dressing on the Side was sort of a goof to start. I am a children's book author of "The Cupcakes Club" and created a shirt that was tongue in cheek about the girls of the club (our Cupcakes Are Cool shirt).  After creating it, I realized that "big" kids would dig this shirt as well and decided to post it and a couple others on etsy. To make a long story short- the shirts are doing extremely well and I sold The Cupcakes Club website to someone in the field of education (I had dreams of "The Cupcakes Club" turning into a porn site or something seedy so I was either going to shut it down or sell it to someone I knew would take care of it).

Why did you decide to have a food theme for your shirt designs?
Food is something everyone loves or has a favorite dish they melt over and food idioms are so cheeky and fun. I love the idea of designing a shirt with a common phrase or saying but having the artwork turn it into a giggle.

Where do you look for inspiration for your design trends?
Blogs, catalogs. I've always been a vintage lover and enjoy wearing the basics with something a little different that starts a conversation.

Who are your top three fashion icons, and why?
-Jenna Lyons of J.Crew- I love how she mixes the high end with the low, the sequins with the t-shirt, the "opposites attract" factor she's always thinking of.
-Kathleen of Jeremy & Kathleen- She puts clothes together that inspire you to search your closet and create. She shops at department stores, online, vintage, and it always works! 
-Two for one on this one- mother and daughter Judy and Jane Aldridge of Atlantis Home and Sea of Shoes blogs. They wear shoes I can only dream about but I love their sense of style and their shopping habits at ebay and vintage stores

I love cupcakes, and I can see you do too! What is the best cupcake you ever had?
I like to say that cupcakes are in the middle of all happy memories so every cupcake is delicious! That being said; I would think a few cupcakes we had in Portland at Saint Cupcake were beyond!

What is your favorite shirt in your collection at the moment?

Ooh- that's like asking which child is a mother's favorite! I'll go with the  simple ones--the "sweet" shirt and "toast". One word; so many meanings!

If you could splurge on one fabulous item, what would it be?
The Burberry Aviator jacket is pretty fabulous, isn't it? 

Do you have any advice for fellow bloggers?
 Post your passion. Write about things you love. Be yourself and others will want to find you.

If you could be one animal, what would it be?
A kangaroo. They are so cute yet so powerful and keep their loved ones close by.

So many great answers! Seriously? A kangaroo might be the coolest answer I have ever heard to the "What animal would you be" question. And YES The Burberry Aviator jacket is quite fabulous. Actually, anything Burberry is the definition of fabulous. Literally, look it up in the dictionary!

Donna truly inspires me to follow the very funky beat of my own drum, and it will eventually pay off. Her shirts are so cute and charming, and I hope you guys all run off to her website and pick a few up. Donna was nice enough to send me my favorite design! (I will model for you as soon as I get it!) 

And because she loves all of you guys so much, she is offering all of my readers free shipping for any orders! How exciting is that?????? Just mention All Kinds of Complicated when buying your new cute shirt! Thank you Dressing on the Side!

No Complications, just Cupcakes and Fashion!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Oh So Stylish!

I got special news! I was given an award by the beautiful and talented Emily Day from Daily Eday
Me? A Stylish Blogger? Who would've thunk?

Yay! I am so excited that someone would think of my blog as stylish, and fun to read! I am honored for the recognition from a fellow fabulous blogger! Thank you so much Emily!

So, there are a few rules to this Award:
- Thank the Person who gave you the award.
- Name 7 facts about yourself.
- Give the award to 7 Stylish Bloggers, and comment them letting   them know!
Here are the 7 random facts about myself. I always hate this game because I can never think of unique things about me. But I will try...

One. I have a puppy-radar built into my mind. No. Literally. No matter where I am, if there is a dog around I WILL find it! And then react with a screech of "puppy!", even if the dog is clearly 12 years-old. I have always loved dogs, and am a firm believer that there is no such thing as an ugly dog. Even though my Huds-buts(Hudson) is clearly the cutest dog in the world! Observe...
Two. I am a nerd. Growing up with brothers has made me the biggest nerd in the whole world. I get legitimately psyched when I see a new sci-fi or comic book movie coming out. Nick and I will literally have hours of conversations regarding DC vs. Marvel Comic Books. But, the good news is it takes a nerd to love a nerd, so I'm in luck!
Dark Night Premier. Imax. Oh yeah!
Three. I am kind of addicted to Musicals. I don't know what it is, but something about bursting into song and dance in the middle of an ordinary day just fills me with pure joy! I have never met a musical I didn't like, and I don't think I ever will. (Yes, I am a Gleek!) 
Four. I love all things lady-like, and have an extreme affinity for ANYTHING with a bow. I have a firm belief that this stems from my mother's need to put GINORMOUS bows in my hair every day when I was little. Whatever the reason, I am waiting for the day that is socially acceptable to wear a bow in my hair again.
Do you see a trend?
Five. I call my Mom every day. A day doesn't feel complete until I have a chat with my mommy. Even if we just chat about the little things we did that day, it feels good to know that my mom will always care. I don't think she really realizes how much I need her, and that is a shame because I need her more than anyone else in the world. Love you mom!
Six. Speaking of my mom, I get told by family and friends that I look exactly like my mom when she was in college. My mom and I aren't so convinced, but the question is still up for debate. My mom was beautiful and had fabulous style (thanks for NOT saving your clothes mom!) when she was my age, so it would be quite the honor! What do you think?
Seven. I have a very unique name. If I had a nickle for everyone asked me where my name came from, I would be rich. The truth is my mom's roommate was nicknamed Kai, and she liked it. And she wanted my brothers and I to have unique but short names (Shea, Bryn, & Kai). Actually Kai is Hawaiian for "Ocean", and Mercado(my last name) is Spanish for "Market". So my mom subconsciously named me "Ocean Market". Hi, I'm Ocean Market, nice to meet you!

So, there you have it! 7 random facts about me! I hope a few of you cared enough to read all of them. And then the last part of accepting this fabulous award is giving it to 7 fellow bloggers. And the winners are (In no particular order)....

2. MJ at Yours Truly, MJ
4. Donna at Suddenly I See
5. Heather at La Feem
6. Meghan at Pocketful of Pretty

I seriously love so many blogs, but these really stand out of having a bold and unique style! Definitely go check out these blogs, and their creative writing and style! Keep it up girls!! I am glad you guys are there for me to read and find daily inspirations! 

No Complications just Awards Galore!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Christmas Season!

It has been a long and busy week, and today I feel similar to this little guy..

I am so sleepy....but I still wanna be up and do fun things with everyone. If I could just keep. my. eyes. open....

Usually by this time of the year, I have a very organized and concise list sent out to all my family members of what I want for Christmas. But, my laziness has gotten the best of me yet again! I will get you one day Laziness, if it is the last thing I do!

Anyways, I vowed to myself that I would sit down today and think about what it is I actually want for Christmas. Shouldn't be too hard, right? The weird thing is, I am realizing that what I want this year is more about practicality than fabulousity, does this mean I am growing up? Lame. 

Here are a few things I want, some practical and some not. What? I still love me some clothes!

For the House.
1.Pet Feeder- PetCo
2. Coffee Maker- Target
3. Frosted Bathroom Bottles- Restoration Hardware
4. Door Hanger- Urban Outfitters
For Me.
1. Hudson Jeans- Nordstrom
2. Nude Pump- Nordstrom
3. Tom's Gold Flat- Nordstrom
4. Grey Sweater- Nordstrom

That is just a few things that are on my list. I know, I reach for the stars. Although I would love to get everything on my list, what is really important is that I am with my family. Nothing says Christmas then spending time with the fambam. They are the most important thing in my life, and I could never imagine spending the holidays without them. So, even if there are no presents under the tree, if I am surrounded by the ones I love, and we appreciate the real reason for the season, I will be filled with Glee! 

I am so excited for this season to get started! I can't wait to start watching all my favorite Christmas movies! I think the first one I will watch this year will be How the Grinch Stole Christmas. What is your favorite Christmas movie?

Here is to a Complication-free Christmas!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

I Love Breakfast!!

Before I go on...please watch the firs 40 seconds of this video...

How freaking cute is this little girl? She pretty much sums up my feelings about breakfast...if there is one thing I love more than cupcakes it is breakfast! (sweet tooth pattern much?) I love breakfast!!!

So Nick didn't have work today, so I convinced him to take me on a date, Breakfast style! I wouldn't call it a Date Night...Date Day? Date Morning? I'm not sure, but he picked me up and off we went! We decided to try this place called The Cottage in La jolla, and let me tell you, it was divine!
The whole patio was covered with green umbrellas! Love!

So, we end up having this super nice server, who suggest we get a Greek Omelette, with potatoes, a freshly baked scone, and French Toast with fresh fruit on top. Me and Nick exchanged a quick glance and instantly knew what to, Sold! 
Happy as a clam, waiting for our yummy food. 
Coffee permanently glued to my hand. (Ignore my messy excuse for hair please.)

And then...the food came. First, let me just say that i planned on taking pictures of everything for you. Then, about three bites in to the meal I realized that I was too much of a fatty to stop myself before I took a bite. But, I did salvage some pretty good photos...Warning: Mouth may water.
Greek omelette, half of a scone, country potatoes, AND bacon.
French toast with bananas and strawberries on top!

I know! Anyways, it was the strangest thing in the world. I blacked out, and when I finally came to, this was what was in front of me.
I'm not sure what happened, but I have it on good authority that Nick ate all of the food. Because there is no way I could eat that much food and still fit in my pants. Right? Right???? I will investigate this mystery of the missing food, and get back to you. There must be some explanation on how it just disappeared!
What's that boy? Janey is stuck in the well???? Oh, nevermind. Hudson just wanted me to tell you that I got a Formspring account! You can find it on my sidebar (the yellow box) Basically, you can ask me anything you want. I am an open book!

Full Belly and Complication-free today!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hump Day Ramblings

Today was one of those days...

...Where you just want five more minutes of sleep.
...Where your bed is so much warmer then the rest of the house.
...When your alarm goes off you want to throw your phone across the room. 
...When you absolutely positively desperately NEED coffee.

I had early work today at 8 a.m. I know for most people this isn't early, and I am not one to complain, but I usually don't have work until the afternoons everyday. I am usually fine with working more hours, but like I said, today was just one of those days. So I willed myself to get ready (hello, messy bun), and started my walk to work. Oh yeah, I lived down the street from my work so I walk everyday...take that carbon footprint!
But, amongst the drab and dreariness of the morning, there was shining light. You know those things, that can make you smile no matter what? This is one of them...
Starbucks Christmas cup!!!!!
It is Christmas Cup time at Starbucks!! I have been trying to make coffee at home to save some money, but unfortunately my coffee maker decided to kick the bucket a few weeks ago. And, I cannot go to work at 8 a.m. and be perky and peppy without at LEAST one cup of coffee...anyways, I digress. This is why I happened to go into Starbucks today and saw Christmas joy everywhere...

Dear Starbucks,

I know you are the equivalent of "The Man", keepin everyone down int he coffee world, but I still love you. And, nothing makes me happier then a Pumpkin Spice Late and a Christmas cup. It is amazing how a red and white decorated cup can make my day 2727839874 times better. Thank you!

Caffeine Addict

As if the Christmas joy oozing out of Starbucks wasn't enough. They even had a little inspirational message on their sleeve, and it happened to ring home for me. 
Thank you Starbucks, I think i will share my stories! Blogging has really become a passion of mine, and I seem to have found my niche. My friends and family support me, and really do make me feel that the stories I have to share are "gifts" to them. But, at the end of the day it isn't about having 1 or 100000 followers. It is about sharing your stories, and putting your voice out there because there are people that want to hear it!

Minor Complications with Christmas-y redemption! :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Missing This...

If you are a close friend of mine you know that I have an obsession with Jason Segel, and the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall. This is the basis for my Missing This post this week. It has been at least a month since I have seen Forgetting Sarah Marshall. If you know me at all, this is a very very long time. It is due time that I sit down and watch this movie again....
The move is a MUST-see!! It is about a heartbroken boy (Segel) getting over his ex-girlfriend. I know, doesn't sound hilarious, but it is. I literally can quote the whole movie. Word. for. word. Anything with Hawaii, puppets, and Jason Segel in it is A-Okay with me. Yes, you read right, puppets. 
If you didn't know, Jason Segel is the love of my life. (sorry, Nick!!) I know he isn't the hottest an alive, but he is cute and cuddly like a big giant teddy bear. And, he is freakin hilarious! Not only that, he is creative too! He even wrote my aforementioned favorite movie...just awesome.

Luckily, even though I am missing my movie fix of Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I get to see my love every week in one of my FAVORITE shows of all time!
How I Met Your Mother

If you haven't seen it, you must! But if you can, start from the beginning. As with most shows, they are 12984636845x better from the beginning. But, this story is how one of the main character's met his wife, and you need the WHOLE story! Not only does this show have funny man/celebrity crush Jason Segel buuuut also NPH(Neil Patrick Harris) himself. The Perfect Storm? I think so.

Nothing Complicated About That. :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

We Interrupt Your Program.....

Leave it to me to mess up my blog schedule the second week into my new regime. I know, I know, you were expecting this:
But, alas I had a very busy week/weekend, and I haven't gotten my act together. So, Blogs to Love will be moved to Wednesday this week, and maybe permanently. Is it just me, or does Wednesday just feel like you have more time in between, even though they are still 7 days apart? There is good news though! You would pleased to know I have many ideas and contact with some fabulous blogs already on the schedule! And I will give you a hint at the end of this blog about who is being feature on Wednesday...

Also, I came up with a new logo for Blogs to Love, but I still love the old one (see above)..
Which one do you like better?

SO! Instead of Blogs to Love, I will fill you in on my adventure filled weekend....equally exciting right???

It all started with Thursday, my friend Christina's (or as we call her, CRaine) 21st birthday!! Since it was on Veteran's Day, she decided to have a "America" themed soiree in which we were galavanting the streets of Pacific Beach! 
I wore a white v-neck, bright blue pants (yes, I own bright blue pants), and of course a U.S.A big bow in my hair. Any excuse to wear a bow is fine with me! Craine was actually dressed like the statue of liberty, complete with blinking torch light. We had an amazing time! Definitely one for the record books.

Friday was date night! The beau and I have very different schedules, so whenever we do see each other, we are too exhausted to do anything. But on Friday we vowed to leave the house and go to a movie. We went to see Skyline (creepy alien movie, Nick's pick), and had a very romantic meal of Mcdonald's. What? We can't afford a fancy dinner AND a movie....sacrifices people!
Cozy and comfy on date night! And yes, I rock the messy bun on the regular!

As you already know, it was Shea and Sarah's birthday on Friday. So, me and Nicholas went up to visit them on Saturday for dinner and cake! Mamacita Sarah made yummy pasta, and I gave them their presents....which they loved (right guys? haha) We ended the night with a great little movie...
Just look at this poster and try NOT to smile...I dare you!

Finally, Sunday Nick and I decided to do one of our favorite things. Thrift store shopping!! We went out and about in Orange County to look for some fabulous finds! 
Be still, my heart! Thrift overload!
We soon learned that some Thrift Stores in Newport are a little bit out of our price range. Manolo, Chanel, Versace Oh My!
I really want to find albums with Grey and Yellow covers and frame them for my room to match my color palette. I sat and looked through all of these!
I know this isn't grey and yellow, but how cute is this????

We walked away empty handed unfortunately, but we could think of one thing that could salvage our moods....
Sprinkles!! We rarely have a trip up to Orange County without visiting our beloved Sprinkles! we got Red Velvet, Vanilla, and Coconut Chocolate....don't worry we didn't eat all of them!
Finger-lickin good!
Forks up! Ready to go!
Red Velvet, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways....

Speaking of cupcakes, I promised I would let you know who I was featuring this week for Blogs to Love. I am interviewing the girls who own Dressing on the Side. They combine my two favorite things, Cupcakes and Fashion! But we will learn more about them on Wednesday. I hope you are as excited as I am!

So that was my weekend! I told you I was a busy little bee! Family, friends, and cupcakes! But, it did lead to the push-back of my Blogs to Love feature...

Only a Little Complicated. :)
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