Tuesday, November 22, 2011


So. I have not given due credit to my AWESOME giveaway that I am hosting from my AWESOME mom. For this reason, I am extending the giveaway until next Monday. That means you have 6 more days to get your entries in. So spread the word! Click on that button right over there to the right! Enter! Enter! Enter!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

So Cal Blogger Meetup!

Due to the planning efforts of Olivia, Kelsey, Tammy, and Stephanie, I was lucky enough to attend the First Annual So Cal Blogger Meetup last weekend at Sip in Del Mar! 
Let me just say that I had SUCH a fun time! It was so nice to put a Face to the Blogs that I have read, and meet some truly fabulous ladies. Every single girl there was friendly and full of interesting stories. I had so much fun getting to know everyone, and learning about their lives. And the bonus is they all live nearby, so we can meet up whenever we want!

Olivia, Kelsey, Tammy, and Stephanie (that is a mouthful girls, we need a nickname for your group!) did SUCH a good job planning activities for us to get to know everyone. The first game was you get a pin, and if you say the words "Blog", "Blogger", "Blogging", etc. you get your pin taken away. Needless to say I got my pin taken away in the first five minutes...
{She was on her A-Game!}

But I did come out victorious in the next game! Blogger Bingo!
Each bingo card had facts about all the girls at the Meetup. Our mission to was to find the girl who matched the description, and get her to sign the card. Challenge Accepted! And what was my fact you ask?
"I am a Pint Sized lover of all things Ladylike!"
{Getting to know everyone!}
Love it! So true! Anyways...guess who was the winner of this game? 
Me!! Yay me! And a Target gift card was my prize! Seriously, these ladies are genius, because I LOVE Target! I used the gift card two days later, by the way!

Then it was time for the Giveaways! Our lovely hosts did such a great job at pulling in sponsors who donated seriously AMAZING gifts! I think we can just all agree that these ladies did awesome in general.
And here is the most exciting thing! I won something! If anyone is familiar with my luck, or lack there of, they know I NEVER win anything. Luckily, I had my friend Kelsey to help me out. You see, Kelsey has a ridiculous amount of luck. She has one FOUR concert tickets on the radio!! So before the giveaway she gave me a pat for good luck, and it worked! I won the most awesome gift ever!

A 1 Hour Photo shoot with Karina Irene Photography! She is an amazing photographer, and I am so excited to get to work with her!
{One happy lady!}

Overall, it was a really great night! I loved having a glass of wine and getting to know some great girls, who have the same interests as I do. We all had a common thread that brought us together, and that was really cool to see! I am so grateful to Tammy, Stephanie, Kelsey, and Olivia for putting this whole night together, and I can't wait until the next one! A special shout out to one of my best friends Kelsey, for contributing so much to the night. I can see your passion for this stuff, and I am so proud of you! Love ya!

Cheers to our beautiful hosts!
p.s. Olivia MAY have caught me using my camera on my iPhone as a mirror to apply lip gloss.
{I'll get you back Olivia!}

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Portland Volume 2: All That Other Stuff

Hey remember that one time I went to Portland two months ago? Well I got more to say about it! Since I have been ridiculous amounts a busy (I promise I will stop using that as an excuse..well probably never), I haven't been able to keep up with my events. What that means, is there is about a month lag between what I do, and what I post. Ah well...

So, Portland! One of my favorite parts of the city was walking around and exploring with everyone. Portland really is gorgeous, and has such interesting things to see. 
{Cool funky wall. Which Sarah told me I should take a picture of for my blog. Sheesh I am a bad blogger.}
{The cutest little family in all the land!}

Did I mention the amount of local breweries? I love trying new beers (ales, IPA, stout...whatever I call them all beer), so this was super exciting for me! Our first stop was a place called Rogue.
{Dead Guy Ale. What a cool name for a beer....I mean ale.}
{The Taster. How cute is this display!}

If you haven't caught a trend by now, we did a lot of eating and drinking on this trip. It is a wonder how I could still zip my pants up after this weekend. The next day we went off exploring again, and stumbled upon a local street fair. 
{Christa's ridiculously awesome purchase. Well played, Christa}
Did I mention their are a whooooole lot of Hipsters in Portland? Well we hit the mother load at this street fair. A Hipster gold mine, if you will. So, naturally my brother and I decided to make a game out of it called "Spot the Hipster". But, in order to be discreet about it, we decided to yell "Hipster" backwards whenever we spotted one. So imagine my brother and I walking down the street yelling "Ritshep!" literally every two seconds. (Yes we are aware that actually isn't "Hipster" spelled backwards. We didn't realize that at the time though.) I wouldn't say we were proud of our actions, but it definitely was entertaining. I totally won the game, by the way. 
{On the prowl for Ritsheps}

Then the big kids went off to their wedding, and I go to spend some time with this guy...
{Cutest. Nephew. EVER.}

Did I mention that not only was I the nanny all weekend, but I was also the official hairdresser as well? I am a jack of all trades really. I had to introduce Sarah to the SJP Bun that we all know so well across the Blogosphere.
{Would anyone like to hire me to do their hair?}
Finally, we ended our trop at another local bar called Life of Riley's, who had the most entertaining waitress/bartender I have ever met in my life. We stayed for a bit and had some good laughs and good beers before hoping on our flight back to sunny California!
{Such a cute couple.}

I seriously had such a fun time, and was so lucky to get to hang out with some of my favorite people in the whole world. I am down to be Nanny Kai for any and all trips in the future (Hint hint broseph). Sorry that was a long post, but I figured I should just get it all out there before another two months go by! 

Get excited, tomorrow I am blogging about the fabulous So Call Blogger Meetup from last weekend!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Man of the Hour

In honor of Blair's Man Week, I thought I would take a moment to take a moment to talk about the important things in life...men. In fact one man in particular, who happens to be my Celebrity Crush. Who is this man of the moment you ask? It is none other than...

Jason Segel
Bet you didn't expect that, did ya? Sure I could be like all the rest, and love the Ashton Kuther's or Brad Pitt's of the world, but that just isn't me. But Kai, this is your FANTASY. You could have any one you choose. Now don't get me wrong, I am fully aware that the whole nature of a Celebrity Crush is that it's never going to happen, no matter who you choose. So with that logic you might as well choose someone with chiseled abs, right? Wrong.

It may be just me, but even when selecting a Celebity Crush, he must be someone a bit more well-rounded. A jack of all trades, if you will. While God-like features are important, there are other qualities to which I find much more desirable in an imaginary-never-going-to-happen counterpart. Here is my top criterion for the Perfect Celebrity Crush, or as some of us in the industry call it, P.C.C. (If that is a code name for some kind of crazy drug that I am not aware of, I am sorry for offending those P.C.C. users)
The P.C.C.
1. Must be Cute (Be aware that my criteria of cute might be different from most of you readers. I don't exactly have a "type")
2. MUST be funny (This is a non-negotiable. Sorry to break your hearts, non-funny celebrities.)
3. Must be musically talented. (I don't care if you can play the triangle, but a guitar or piano is much more attractive.)
4. Must be unafraid to show his goofy side. (a.k.a. going full frontal naked in Forgetting Sarah Marshall)
5. Must be funny. (Did I say that already? Well it's THAT important)
6. Must love Puppets.
 Okay that last one isn't really on my P.C.C. list, but it just so happens that Jason Segel fits the criteria perfectly! Don't believe me? I will prove it to you!

1. Must be Cute
I mean...for real though? How can you say he is not adorable? Check.

2. Must be Funny!
You know how most celebrities are funny, but they are reading from a script written by other, funnier people? Well not this guy. He wrote one of my favorite movies of all time(seriously, Top 5 people), Forgetting Sarah Marshall, AND starred in it. He is more than just a funny front man, he is the real deal. I think that means that he passes this category with flying colors.

3. Must be Musically Talented.
If you haven't seen tidbits of the Dracula Musical, or his Slapsgiving song, you are missing out. Period. End of story. But besides his awesome parodies, he actually is a really talented musician. That talent alone is a favorite of many ladies, I'm sure.

4. Must be unafraid to show his goofy side.
Hmmm..'nuff said?

5. Must be Funny. (Made it on the the list twice)
I mean, really. Have you seen How I Met Your Mother? If you haven't, go watch one episode...which will be followed by watching the entire series...and get back to me on how AWESOME it is. K. Thanks.

6. Must love Puppets.
The man is doing a Muppets movie. You can't tell me that when you were little, that you didn't want to be in a Muppets movie. If you didn't, you are lying to yourself and me! Not only that, but he is a writer on this film as well! Trust me when I say that I am SUPER Stoked for November 23rd, to finally see The Muppets back on the silver screen!

Sorry if this was long and drawn out, but for the P.C.C. I would expect nothing less. Now here is my goal...to actually get Jason Segel to read this post (which I know is highly unlikely.) But now that he has a twitter (@JasonSegel), I like to pretend that I have a chance. So if you are in the Twitterhood, and happen to mention me (@ComplicatedKai) and my P.C.C (@JasonSegel), I would be forever in your debt. For if he even knew I existed, I could die one happy lady....just sayin'....

Monday, November 14, 2011


Seriously though. I am tired. If you couldn't tell what the theme of this post was, now you know.

Traveling to New York, and basically not sleeping for 4 days, certainly put a toll on this body. I am not sure I got out of bed once all weekend. Sweatpants were a big part of my life for about 48 hours. 

I did however manage to get my booty out of bed and head on over to the So Cal Blogger Meetup, hosted by Olivia, Kels, Stephanie, and Tammy. (Although I did cheat by putting my hair up in a bun. But shhh don't tell.) Let me tell you, I had an AMAZING time!!!! Those girls did such a wonderful job planning everything. Trust me you will be hearing about it, just as soon as I have energy to blog more than two paragraphs....

In the meantime, one more for the road...

Friday, November 11, 2011

Tammy's Little Guest Post

I'm Tammy and I spend way too much working on my blog Lemons, Avocados, and the Bay
(Is it bad when your boyfriend starts referring to your blog as the the "other lover"? Hehe)
Today Kai asked me to write a little guest post on her blog today while she's busy working away in New York.

On my blog, I write about the sweet boyfriend who understands my blog addictions, happy times I spend with my family and friends, our adventures in San Diego, renovating our home, good food, style, and traveling. 

In other news,
On November 13 at SIP @ Flavor Del Mar I will be hosting the San Diego/SoCal Blogger Meetup with these lovely ladies:
Olivia of Olivia.Dee

We would love it if you could join us. We already have some amazing sponsors lined up (cough Sprinkles Cupcakes cough) that will be donating beautiful jewelry, fitness and dance classes, baked goods, and even blog design! :)

If you're a local and are interested in attending we would be oh so happy! :)
Visit my site (or click on the button above that will take you to Kelsey's blog), leave a message, and we will happily send you an evite

Kai, thanks for sharing your lovely space with me today :)

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