Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Purple and Gold

That's right. I am a Lakers fan. Born and Raised.
What that means is I am pretty sure my dad and older brothers would disown me if I dared like another NBA team...

Like I ever would! I bleed Purple & Gold. Yup, even when they are going through a bad season, I will always be a fan! Say what you will about them (talkin' to you haters!), but nothing will make me stop rooting for the Lakers!

So you can believe my excitement when I opened my Christmas gift from my brother Bryn, and it was Lakers tickets for Nick and I! I don't know if it is normal for a 24 year-old to want such things, but I gotta say, it was one of the best Christmas gifts ever!
{The Staples Center}

We had an amazing time! I am glad I found a boy that loves the Lakers as much as I do! 

Thanks Brynie Boo! (yeah just said your nickname on here) Love you!


Kamao Poot said...

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Earline Perez said...

It's so good that both of you have the same interest in sports. I and my husband is also a big fan of Lakers. We used to buy plain sweatshirts and add some customized print on it. We wear those sweatshirts when we watched the game. Really fun and exciting!

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