About Me

Oh hello there! I suppose you want to know a little about me? 

My name is Kai and I live in beautiful San Diego, California. I just recently graduated college, and am trying to figure this crazy life out one step at a time. Apparently, being a grown-up isn't as glamorous as it looks on TV? Who knew? 

I am blessed with an amazing family, who are an extremely important part of my life. I have two amazing brother, a wonderful mom and dad, and new sassy sister-in-law, Sarah.We all make up the Mercado's, who are a bit crazy but full of love and support. No matter what crazy dilemmas I find myself in, I know that I will have my family supporting me every step of the way.

This fellow in the picture above is my amazing boyfriend Nicholas. I could write for hours about us, but I guess all there is to say is he is my best friend. He understand me better then anyone else in the world. The most important thing I value about him is he is not afraid to laugh uncontrollably with me about silly things. I am lucky I have found someone who can make me smile everyday, and is pretty easy on the eyes if I do say so myself. :)

As for me? I am 22 year-old. I love life and think of myself as an   indisputable optimist. Life is to short to not soak up everything, and appreciate all that you have. And even though life can throw curve balls and things can get all kinds of complicated, if you can come out of all of it with a smile, than you have succeeded. 

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