Friday, May 4, 2012

Yee-haw Part 2!

Well hello there! I know you were on pins and needles to find to see the rest of our Stagecoach extravaganza!

At the end of the first day, I was looking pretty haggard. But here's the thing....I no longer cared. I was in full on headband mode. And as my boyfriend knows, when the headband goes on, I have given up. 

We had an ongoing joke about the General Store (having to do with picks, and mining for gold), so we had to take a picture in front of it. Please excuse how gross I look...

 {I don't know how the other girls still look so good....just ignore the grossness on the right}
{Lumberjack Haggard Mode= Headband, no make-up, and Flannel}

Although I didn't care anymore, I still had so much fun watching Jason Aldean. That boy is soooo talented!

The best thing happened on Saturday! I got to shower! I guess something you should know about me, is that I am not the most outdoorsy girl in the world. That's not to say I don't enjoy the outdoors, but I also enjoy amenities as well. So, after two days of not showering in 90 Degree weather, I was starting to freak out a bit. So when the lines went down at the public showers (gross), I took full advantage!

Not only that, but it rejuvenated me to start the Stagecoach Party all over again!
 {ahhh soo refreshed! Hair washed and everything!}
 {same hat. second day.}

The first night we saw a booth selling Misters (seen below), and we all jumped on that opportunity! I am going on the record saying that it is the best invention ever, and I want to personally thank whoever invented it. You saved us, Mr. Mister (I am sure that is his name).
 {This Mister was the best $12.00 we have ever spent!}

Right about here was when my camera died....which means I didn't get any picture of Brad Paisley (for the record he was AMAZZINNGGGG). But, before I go, I just want it to be known that the last picture on my camera was Jenn making friends with a  horse?

I think that just about sums up how ridiculous and awesome are weekend was. I am definitely planning on going again next year! Do you guys wanna come???

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Yee-haw Part 1!

Last weekend was a crazy, awesome, draining, hot weekend! I went to Stagecoach with two of my very best friends, Kelsey and Jenn. 
{we HAD to do car painting!}
It took us a few hours to get there, and and a few more hours to get our GIANT tent set up, and then we were ready to get our Country on! After not so much sleep, we were up and about for Day 1.
I just need to stop for a second and tell you how much I LOVE my hat!!! It is from Forever 21, and I honestly want to wear it every day. Love. Love. Love.
{Three Musketeers!}
I think we might have underestimated just how hot it was going to be there. After a few hours we were permanently posted in the shade. Luckily there was still lots of fun to be had in the shade, especially with our super adorable Coozies made by Mama Kels.

{loooove the Coozie}
{soakin' up the shade}
After a looonngg hootttt day in the sun, we finally made it to the first night of concerts!
Jason Aldean was absolutely amazing!! He did so well, and really kicked off the weekend!

It was a great first day, and I had so much fun! I couldn't wait for the next two days of nothing but Country with some of my favorite girls! And there was still a lot more to come!

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