Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Yee-haw Part 1!

Last weekend was a crazy, awesome, draining, hot weekend! I went to Stagecoach with two of my very best friends, Kelsey and Jenn. 
{we HAD to do car painting!}
It took us a few hours to get there, and and a few more hours to get our GIANT tent set up, and then we were ready to get our Country on! After not so much sleep, we were up and about for Day 1.
I just need to stop for a second and tell you how much I LOVE my hat!!! It is from Forever 21, and I honestly want to wear it every day. Love. Love. Love.
{Three Musketeers!}
I think we might have underestimated just how hot it was going to be there. After a few hours we were permanently posted in the shade. Luckily there was still lots of fun to be had in the shade, especially with our super adorable Coozies made by Mama Kels.

{loooove the Coozie}
{soakin' up the shade}
After a looonngg hootttt day in the sun, we finally made it to the first night of concerts!
Jason Aldean was absolutely amazing!! He did so well, and really kicked off the weekend!

It was a great first day, and I had so much fun! I couldn't wait for the next two days of nothing but Country with some of my favorite girls! And there was still a lot more to come!



Devon @ TheMermaidChronicles said...

What a blast! These pictures are great. I love that you made your own koozies.

Jessica Gitler said...

OMG, so jealous, looks like you guys had a blast ... and you all looked so cute in super hot weather... way to go!!

Amy K said...

Looks like fun! I love your blog. I think we should follow each other -

Ash said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE the hat AND shades.. seriously..

BJJ said...

You're such a doll. Now I know my favorite California girl could make it down here in the South ;)

Love ya girl! Catching up on the blog!! Been a while :)

Anonymous said...

those koozies (sp?! haha) are absolutely adorable!! and stagecoach looks like a blast...i'm definitely going one year.

we also wanted to thank you for all of the support you've given our new project!!
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