Monday, February 28, 2011

Party by Pictures

     I thought I would show you a teaser of the fabulous weekend we had through some detail pictures. I love trying to capture the smallest details of parties, because those are my favorite parts. Could you just DIE over these decorations? My Momma planned the whole thing, and did an amazing job! The way she puts things together, and has an eye for decorations and color palettes is inspiring. She is available for party planning, but only if you live in or around Bakersfield, which probably narrows the field a bit.
    I am going to go completely of the schedule, and mix it up in my blog this week. Here is what to look forward to!
- Tuesday- Recap of Shea and Sarah's Baby Shower! 
- Wednesday-I Love Roadtrips
- Thursday- Awkward and Awesome Family Photos
-Friday- Vintage Baby Mercado's

Friday, February 25, 2011

Home is Where the Heart Is

We have arrived! And when I say we, I mean Nick, Hudson and I! The whole family is here in full effect. We packed up our car and traveled the four hours to good ole' Bakersfield, CA. Have you ever been here before? This is where I grew up, in the same house, my whole life. This is my home. 
I am excited to be here to celebrate Shea and Sarah's Baby Shower. I am also equally stoked to take a cue from this guy....
{sleepy head}
Nick and I will be posting up on the couch today while I work from home. Lots of snuggling by the fireplace. Surene, peaceful, and just altogether lovely.
{My nook. Right there on his shoulder}
{Doesn't Nick have the prettiest colored eyes?}
So excuse me while I have a nice relaxing weekend with amazing family and great friends (and cute puppies too!). You will hear all about our stories, don't you worry. 

P.S. I can't wait to show you pictures from Moorpark too! Seriously though, our family portrait with Hudson was just ridiculous. It should be submitted to an awkward picture website or they have those?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Little Bit of Both!

- Wearing Black and having a dog with White fur who's a good thing black and white are good combo I guess?
-The series of family pictures Nick and I tried to take with Hudson last weekend. When you see them you will die of laughter...guarantee...
- Finding a classy way to say that I'm cramping to my two male coworkers who asked me what was wrong..."ummm I don't feel good". My boss responds "Oh no. Do you think its the flu?".....umm not exactly boss man
- I was waiting for an elevator and thinking of this scary movie I just saw. The doors open and I literally was startled  when someone was standing there. Like I didn't expect it? Hi Kai, you aren't the only who works in this building.
- The in-between stage of growing out bangs. I am getting a tad bit tired of the twist and pin-back scenario...any ideas?
KMS California Sea Salt Hair Spray. Do you hate taking lots of time to do your hair? Do you love the beachy wave look? Then this product is for you! No seriously though it is a life saver...spray it in your hair when its wet. Let dry. And you have fabulous just-got-back-from-the-beach-sans-the-sand hair!
-Greek...I don't know if anyone actually watches this show?? But I do! And I love it. Makes me miss the sorority days....
- Singing loud and dancing around in my car after I get off work. Then pulling up to somebody, and knowing they are staring at me, and still not care. I'm off work darnit!
-The last episode of Glee...heck the whole last season of Glee...nope just Glee in general...and yes I have every song on my iPod...
- Going home this weekend! Yup thats right! ANOTHER ROADTRIP!!!! I can't wait to go visit my family and celebrate a Baby Shower for Shea and Sarah!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Camel...what a funny color...

     Who would have thought that those weird animals with humps on their backs, and have a spitting problem (according to Aladdin), would be the topic of my Trendy Tuesday feature. But, I supposed anything is possible! If Britney staged a comeback after her whole Bald thing! AND Lance Armstrong won 7 Tour de France! AND Clogs are back in style! The gosh-darnit Camel can have it's day in the sun too! Here's to you my awkawrd fuzzy friend!

Camel is the New Black

  • If Stacey and Clinton taught me ANYTHG from my hours of devotion, it was black is not the only neutral. Camel is a perfect compliment to any color, and can liven up your dreary black wardrobe a little!
  • Two words. Camel Pumps. Do you want your legs to look miles long? Then slap on these skin tone beauties and people will be mistaking you for Blake Lively!
  • This color is all over the fashion spectrum, from preppy prepster to earthy bohemian. You could throw on some pleated Camel pants for the classic look, or mix it up with a fringed Camel bag. 
  • A Staple (my brother didn't know what this word meant) in every girls wardrobe? A Camel trench coat! It will never ever go out of style, I pinky promise!
  • When in doubt, use it as a nail color. It is an easier spin on the classic French manicure. 


Monday, February 21, 2011

Simply Inspired

     I am refreshed and rejuvinated from this last weekend at Nick's hometown Moorpark. You will hear lots more about it later! I just wanted to check in and say a quick thank you to everyone who gave me input on what in the world I should do with my hair!!
    Let me just tell you that I was shocked by the overwhelming consensus! Most of you guys told me to chop it all off! I don't think I have ever considered that for myself since I was ten. My long hair has always been my security blanket, for as long as I can remember. I never thought in a million years I could pull off anything even remotely short! Here is the final product....
     I know, I know. It isn't the cute bob you all requested. But baby steps people! This is the shortest my hair has been in a long time, and I am actually feeling pretty confident with it! I have no one to thank but you guys for inspiring me to take a step outside my comfort zone, and go for something new! Also, you can't see them right here but I got highlights around my face underneath. So, when it is curled, I have a fun little pop of color that shows!
   This might not have been the dramatic change you wanted but it is a big step for me! Who knows, next time I may even go shorter....


Friday, February 18, 2011

'Cause I'm Leavin...

...on a jet plane...
{Actually taken by me!}
Okay, not a jet plane, but more like Nick's car. I am checked out, amped up, and ready to go! We are traveling to good ole' Moorpark, CA, hometown of the love of my life. Here are things on the agenda:
  • Purchasing a new flat screen TV!!!
  • Rocking out to good music in the car.
  • Getting a new fabulous haircut (maybe even some coloring too!)
  • Hudson being his silly self as usual...
  • Family time with Nick's amazing family.
  • Cuddling, lots of cuddling.
  • Eating at some fabulous Mexican place that Nick raves about!
And here is a little joke from me to you. What is Moorpark spelled backwards? Krap Room! Haha!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

    That's right! Two posts, one day! You didn't think I could do it did ya? Don't forget my post earlier today! I need your help people! Tell me what to do with my mop of hair!
  • I'm wearing tights today, but because I am so short the tights go all the way up to my bra. I am unintentionally wearing a body slimmer. Thanks I guess?
  • A silky top fresh out of the dryer that clings to everything you DON'T want it to cling to. Good thing I am wearing makeshift Spanx. 
  • My license picture. One word: braces.
  • I wore Emerald nail polish for a week and took it off now my nails are....YELLOW
  • My best friend Alexa calling me out saying I would probably miss the big day party last weekend because I would oversleep. I was offended! Then I ended up missing the whole thing because....I slept through it...I hate it when she is right....
  • This little guy! He just wants some attention too okay?
  • Road trippin' with my beau this weekend! Going to his hometown in Moorpark, Ca! I am excited to see his family.
  • I went to my butt-kicking class at the gym TWICE this week and I didn't die!
  • It stopped raining and is now 65 degrees and sunny with not one cloud in the sky. I. Love. California. 
  • Nick got me a pot of Hydrangeas (my favorite flower) and a stuffed Domo for Valentine's Day! Yay for getting me things that are unique and he knows I will love! Gold star for you babe!
  • Getting a hair makeover this weekend hopefully inspired by one of your ideas! Submit them here.

    I Challenge You!

          OKAY. So. I am getting my hair done this weekend for the first time in like 6 months. GASP! I don't mean to wait so long, I just literally forget to cut my hair! Until one day I look down and am saddened by the state I let my hair get to. Anyways I digress...Here is what I am challenging YOU to!
    Problem: I am extremely ridiculously bored with my hair!
    Challenge: I need some ideas of what I should do with it. (Cut, color, style, etc.) What do you think will look good on me?
         Here is a pic of my hair now.
         If you come up with the best idea, I will do it to my hair. It is like your own personal makeover game!  And whoever wins, might get a little extra prize from me! Help me out people :)

    Wednesday, February 16, 2011

    Rain Rain Go Away....

         I know most of you won't want to read this, but we have had an uncommonly warm winter here in California. Before everyone in the other side of the country hops on plane and kicks my California butt, you would be happy to know we too are having dreary weather. Okayyyyyy, it still isn't a blizzard but we are experiencing some rain! Do you guys feel even a little bad for us? No?
         Fine, moving on! I wanted to show you guys my awesome Valentine's Day adventures! Valentine's Day? Adventures? Not usually in the same sentence, I know. But Nick and I kind of hate to do things the normal boring way. We hung out in my room on Sunday before Valentine's Day asking each other what we we're going to do that day... We could just got to dinner but GOSH that is so boring....then I pulled out my laptop and hit up my good friend Google. Literally, I googled "fun things to do on Valentine's Day in San Diego". We finally decided to go to the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center!
    {SO excited!}
    {little ole' me standing on the footstool to see}
         This place is a little kid's heaven! SO many cool things to explore and learn about! Since Nick and I are five-year-olds at heart, we we're stoked!! You can literally walk around and play with endless amounts of science experiement!
    {His turned out way cooler}
    {Bond. James Bond}
         Yes we could have done some fancy-shmancy Valentine's Day festivity, but that just isn't us. If we are having tons of fun and we are together, then we are happy. Laughing all day with the one you love is what true romance is to me.
         By the end of the day we were positively STARVING. So we went to one of our favorite Sushi places and enjoyed quite the feast. I don't know about you, but sushi is just always so scrumptious!
        I had an amazing eventful day with my Valentine...he is one special man! Wait until I show you what I came home to the next day! Pictures to come!!

    Monday, February 14, 2011


    Happy Valentine's Day!!
    Whether you be single or taken, I hope you have an amazing day! Cheers to the cutest day of the year!

    Sunday, February 13, 2011

    Wear it to Work

         Is it just me or has this week taken WAYYYYYYYYY too long? I don't think I have ever been more happy for the weekend. But, if I have to go to work every week, then I at least need to look presentable. So, without further adieu, here is another edition of Wear it to Work!
    {Top: F21 Jacket: Nordstrom}
         This is one of my newest purchases, and I am in LOVE. I am fully channeling Chanel here. Except for the fact that I can't afford anything Chanel, so this is a quite less expensive version. I have always wanted a jacket like this. I love love LOVE the chain details on the front and the sleeves. I also am trying to play around with my hair a little bit. Loose curs anyone?
         Okay. First, I have to ask, are we loving the Emerald nails? I bought this color at the drug store for 99 cents, and can't make up my mind about it. Emerald is a big color this season, and I am thinking a good way to show it off would be on mail nails. Thoughts?? I love this bomber jacket and striped top. They both happen to be one of my favorite brands, Aqua. This is a line sold exclusively at Bloomingdales, and it is surprisingly affordable and super cute. 
    {Top: F21 Jacket: Nordstrom}
         I just blogged about this little beauty on Wednesday, but now you guys get a chance to see it close up. And look at the gold button details on the sleeve. I love it! 
    {Top: Pink Zone}
         This top was 15$! Can ya'll believe it? I love the big billowy sleeves and the beautiful floral pattern. Also, how pretty is slate grey and deep pink together? As you can see I am having a lazy hair day, rocking the side braid once again. Listen. The side braid is where it's at! It's quick and easy to do (BONUS), and it looks like you are trying to be effortless and chic. Fooled them, because I was just trying to be lazy.
         If you were paying attention, you would notice there was no Thursday in there. Yeah. That is because I forgot to take a picture of my outfit, which is a shame because I was wearing a really cute top!
         Also, I feel like I always do the same poses. I challenge some of you guys to come up with creative poses to do while sitting at your desk. If you come up with a good one, and I don't look like a complete failure doing it, I will put it up next week!
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