Saturday, February 5, 2011

Where it to work

     This isn't really a new feature, but just a fun thing I am going to do try to do every weekend. I will show you my outfit (kind of) for each day at work. A girl has gotta look fabulous 24/7 right?
     The catch is these are taken from my computer at work (don't worry, I get there 5 minutes early to take the pictures), so you only see my top, hair, and accessories. But those are the most important parts! I usually wear dark denim on bottom anyways, nothing to special!
{Hat: Urban Outfitters Jacket: F21 (4 years ago) Glasses: Ray Ban}
I love this crisp white jacket! It has silver button details, that you can't see because my massive amount of hair is in the way. This hat is my new obsession, can any of you guess why? The bow!! Duh! And yes, these are actual prescription glasses. I have horrible eyes....but they are cute right? Love the old school vintage frames!
{Top: F21}
I got this blouse for New Years Eve. I love the detailing on the shoulders. Also, this i one of those days where my bangs were not behaving, and thus must be pinned back to be taught a lesson. 
{Top: Charlotte Russe Bangel: NO idea Necklace: Urban Outfitters}
I am loving this blouse. I don't have a lot of red in my closet, but this is adorable. It even has little hearts all over it! Perfect for Valentine's Day! My best friend Jenny got me the necklace for Christmas. It is a little owl, and on the package it came in it said "Owl always be there for you". Yeah, that is why she is my best friend. Also, I rock the side braid a lot. Sometimes my hair just too much to deal with, especially in the early hours of the day. 
{Top: }
Haha! I really can't even bare to look at these pictures. I look SO AWKWARD! This blouse is beautiful. It has pretty embroidery on the front, and fabulous fringe on the flutter sleeves, which I was attempting to show off in these pictures. It is almost comical how awkward these are. I have nothing to say...I apologize.
 {T-shirt: Target Necklace: NO idea}
I was loving my outfit this friday. I had a t-shirt tucked into my jeans with a skinny black braided belt. I added the gangsta chains to complete the outfit. I have no idea where this necklace is from, nor how I acquired it. If any of my friends are reading this and know the answer I would love to know. And best of all, my bangs behaved today! 
     There you have it. My work week fashion! What was your favorite look?  I think mine was Monday!
And if you say your is Thursday I know you will be joking. Hardy har har.


Gertrude said...

Love how you style your hair differently every day! I would never manage to do that lol! My favourite is probably Wednesday or Friday :) x

Chrissy said...

Wow - you look awesome in all of them!
Can't pick a favorite! Love them all!
Happy weekend lovely! xxx

TaylorMade said...

Taking outfit pictures everyday...really forces me to dress better everyday.

Really love the Charlotte Russe Top.

O. said...

I love your hair, I wish mine were half that nice

posidanielle said...

I love that hat!! So cute! And your outfits are lovely!! I wish I could dress up differently for work each day...but I wear God awful scrubs! Bleh!

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

amanda said...

that red blouse looks to be pretty awesome. great color!

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