Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away....

     I know most of you won't want to read this, but we have had an uncommonly warm winter here in California. Before everyone in the other side of the country hops on plane and kicks my California butt, you would be happy to know we too are having dreary weather. Okayyyyyy, it still isn't a blizzard but we are experiencing some rain! Do you guys feel even a little bad for us? No?
     Fine, moving on! I wanted to show you guys my awesome Valentine's Day adventures! Valentine's Day? Adventures? Not usually in the same sentence, I know. But Nick and I kind of hate to do things the normal boring way. We hung out in my room on Sunday before Valentine's Day asking each other what we we're going to do that day... We could just got to dinner but GOSH that is so boring....then I pulled out my laptop and hit up my good friend Google. Literally, I googled "fun things to do on Valentine's Day in San Diego". We finally decided to go to the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center!
{SO excited!}
{little ole' me standing on the footstool to see}
     This place is a little kid's heaven! SO many cool things to explore and learn about! Since Nick and I are five-year-olds at heart, we we're stoked!! You can literally walk around and play with endless amounts of science experiement!
{His turned out way cooler}
{Bond. James Bond}
     Yes we could have done some fancy-shmancy Valentine's Day festivity, but that just isn't us. If we are having tons of fun and we are together, then we are happy. Laughing all day with the one you love is what true romance is to me.
     By the end of the day we were positively STARVING. So we went to one of our favorite Sushi places and enjoyed quite the feast. I don't know about you, but sushi is just always so scrumptious!
    I had an amazing eventful day with my Valentine...he is one special man! Wait until I show you what I came home to the next day! Pictures to come!!


Anonymous said...

looks like you two had a great day :) x

Daniela said...

i think your turned out cooler! lol

posidanielle said...

I was in San Diego last year around this time and I definitely had some bad luck with the weather there. I actually think it was warmer here in Ohio than it was there. haha.
That science center kind of looks like a place we have in Columbus, Ohio called Cosi and I LOVE that place!!
Have a great day beautiful!

Olivia.Dee said...

this makes my heart all kinds of warm and fuzzy since B and I explored the center not too long ago as well! Isn't it just amazing!?

Happy Valentine's. :]

Meri said...

I love these- very fun. They cheered up a dreary wednesday :)

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