Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Camel...what a funny color...

     Who would have thought that those weird animals with humps on their backs, and have a spitting problem (according to Aladdin), would be the topic of my Trendy Tuesday feature. But, I supposed anything is possible! If Britney staged a comeback after her whole Bald thing! AND Lance Armstrong won 7 Tour de France! AND Clogs are back in style! The gosh-darnit Camel can have it's day in the sun too! Here's to you my awkawrd fuzzy friend!

Camel is the New Black

  • If Stacey and Clinton taught me ANYTHG from my hours of devotion, it was black is not the only neutral. Camel is a perfect compliment to any color, and can liven up your dreary black wardrobe a little!
  • Two words. Camel Pumps. Do you want your legs to look miles long? Then slap on these skin tone beauties and people will be mistaking you for Blake Lively!
  • This color is all over the fashion spectrum, from preppy prepster to earthy bohemian. You could throw on some pleated Camel pants for the classic look, or mix it up with a fringed Camel bag. 
  • A Staple (my brother didn't know what this word meant) in every girls wardrobe? A Camel trench coat! It will never ever go out of style, I pinky promise!
  • When in doubt, use it as a nail color. It is an easier spin on the classic French manicure. 



vintch said...

oooh i sometimes forget about camel, but you're right..it is a quintessential wardrobe staple!

Meri said...

I love camel colored clothes, but especially shoes. I find it a more perfect neutral than gray, and it goes better with my coloring!
I especially love that belted dress- so chic!

Olivia.Dee said...

ive become quite obsessed with camel and nude shades.
and another pair of maddens that are necessary in my life!

mandyface said...

LOVE. Especially that dress!

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