Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's Wednesday... know what that means!
     But alas, I don't have much to report right now. No ramblings for my Hump Day Ramblings? It can't be so! What is a girl to do? Sit and ponder life like so? I know I can find something to ramble on about....
     P.S. Do you love the hat? I do! My mommy got it for me for Christmas. I love hats because they are a cute way of telling the world "Hi. I didn't feel like doing my hair today". Which coincides perfectly with my lack of desire to tame my wild tresses on the regular.
    Also, I know I just posted about him, but I just love him so. Do you guys want to smile? Are you sure? If you don't....well I don't care I am going to make you smile whether you like it or not!
{If you don't want to smile, look directly away from the computer at this time}
     Now that is one cute pupperoo don't you think? I apologize for talking about him so much, but he is my love...I'm a proud mamma! Moving on...
     Speaking of momma's, I miss mine but I think I will be seeing her oh so soon. (Fingers crossed) If you were to ask anyone in my family, they would say my mother and I are exactly alike. Hence, why we bicker all the time. But it is all out of love, and I love her dearly. I call her everyday to chat.
     Here is about the time where I would show you a picture of my beautiful mother, but she hates taking pictures. A picture of her is very elusive, and some believe it doesn't exist. I think it goes for a very high price on the black market, but that's just the word on the street. 
     Ah hah! There she is! Can't get out of taking the family pic mom! Gotcha! See, I told you she was beautiful! And she is craft and smart, and loves her puzzles. In fact, every Christmas she holds an annual puzzle of how we will fit all the Christmas presents in the trunk of the car, to transport them to my grandparents house.
{Exhibit A: Plethora of Presents}
{Exhibit B: The dreaded Trunk}
     Every year we all doubt here extreme puzzle-solving skills, and every year she is determined to prove us all wrong. Literally. We gather around and watch her pack in all the presents, and refuse help from the rest of us. It is her own personal challenge, her Christmas Olympics. 
{I call this one, "Doubtful Onlooker"}
     I don't know why I don't have a picture of the finished project, but she did accomplish the feat. All the presents got in the car and we had an amazing Christmas with the family. Leave it to mom to find a way to make something as dull as packing presents into a yearly tradition. Love her!
     Speaking of presents, and mommas, did I tell you what I got for the little bambino on the way? 
{Best. Auntie. Ever.}
     Well look at that, I found plenty of stuff to ramble about! Mission accomplished!


Kinsey Michaels said...

i looove your hat, it's super cute! and definitely would complement a lot of outfits.
ps - i'm in San Diego right now and looooving it!!! so happy to be back.

Jessica said...

Adorable hat!

And impressive job getting all of those packages into the trunk!

(Re: your comment, I'm budgeting too. It's hard sometimes!)

Gertrude said...

Your mum really looks gorgeous!! Your hat is soo cute!! x

Meri said...

I love a nice, sassy hat myself! Yours is very cute!

Natalie said...

love the new look of your blog!

Sandy a la Mode said...

SUPER cute hat kai!!

-Sam I Am- said...

Man, your blog just looks so great! Lindsay did an amazing job :)

And look how adorable you look! That hat suits you well, both too cute! Have a great day dear!

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