Thursday, February 17, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

    That's right! Two posts, one day! You didn't think I could do it did ya? Don't forget my post earlier today! I need your help people! Tell me what to do with my mop of hair!
  • I'm wearing tights today, but because I am so short the tights go all the way up to my bra. I am unintentionally wearing a body slimmer. Thanks I guess?
  • A silky top fresh out of the dryer that clings to everything you DON'T want it to cling to. Good thing I am wearing makeshift Spanx. 
  • My license picture. One word: braces.
  • I wore Emerald nail polish for a week and took it off now my nails are....YELLOW
  • My best friend Alexa calling me out saying I would probably miss the big day party last weekend because I would oversleep. I was offended! Then I ended up missing the whole thing because....I slept through it...I hate it when she is right....
  • This little guy! He just wants some attention too okay?
  • Road trippin' with my beau this weekend! Going to his hometown in Moorpark, Ca! I am excited to see his family.
  • I went to my butt-kicking class at the gym TWICE this week and I didn't die!
  • It stopped raining and is now 65 degrees and sunny with not one cloud in the sky. I. Love. California. 
  • Nick got me a pot of Hydrangeas (my favorite flower) and a stuffed Domo for Valentine's Day! Yay for getting me things that are unique and he knows I will love! Gold star for you babe!
  • Getting a hair makeover this weekend hopefully inspired by one of your ideas! Submit them here.


    Claire Kiefer said...

    Yay for all these good things and giggles at the awkward ones. Often that happens to me with tights, too . . . but mostly I don't wear them, even when it's cold, cause I think they're uncomfortable!


    Love this! And when you are in Moorpark you have to go to Blush store with awesome prices. Get lots of my stuff from there. Have a great weekend! xo

    this free bird said...

    okay this body slimming business? i am so there with you! i busted up laughing on that one!!

    have a great weekend w/the boy's fam. may the sun shine brightly on us all weekend long!


    Meggy said...

    OMG that little face! how funny! I love it. :)

    I have some tights that go up way to high and hit me at a weird places making weird indentions, ug...but I love tights.

    Meggy from Chasing Davies

    Stop by my blog to enter my $100 Giveaway!!

    Alynne Leigh said...

    ahahahahahah cute little guy

    Natalie Lord said...

    Hey Kai! I LOVE all your awesomeness! And the pic seriously cracked me up! Thanks for sharing! Have a great road trip! Aren't rt's the best? This is my first visit to your blog, but I'll def be back to check out your hair makeover! Happy weekending!! OXO Nat

    cajunlicious said...

    Hi! Following you from the Awkward & Awesome Blog Hop! I Hope you visit my Cajun blog and return the follow!
    - Jessica @

    Copper Diem said...

    that picture made me laugh - thanks!! enjoy moorpark, my peeps are from Oak Park, right down the road!
    amy --

    Lost&Found said...

    OMG, this picture seriously cracked me up! How cute! Have fun on your road trip! I grew up only 15 minutes from Moorpark!

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