Friday, February 4, 2011

Flavorful Friday

     Yes, that's right. Another new feature for my blog! Flavorful Friday! Who's excited???? Well, I am at least. You guys should be equally stoked, because it is bound to include hilariously awkward stories and pitfalls on my cooking adventures. 
This week's adventure? Tempura!!
     I am not sure if you knew this but my favorite types of food are as follow.
  1. Italian
  2. Mexican
  3. Sushi
    So it is obvious to say Nick and I go on lots of sushi dates. Last time we were out, I said to him "babe, you know what would be fun to cook? Tempura veggies!" And just like Inception, the idea was planted in my head. That week we went to go get tempura and chose lots of yummy vegetables to fry on up, along with some chicken. While picking out vegetables, I realized I don't know much about vegetables, and became depressed with my eating habits. (But that is a different story)
We decided on Sweet potatoes, Squash, and carrots. Not only are they all yummy, but don't they photograph beautifully? Such a pretty and colorful meal!
     As I have mentioned before, Nick is kind of a whiz in the kitchen and takes any chance he can to show me up in his cooking skills. Which is usually fine with me, because whatever he makes is so delicious. So Nick started to fry the vegetables in one pan, and the chicken in the other....
{Mmmmm. Chicken.}
     Then(of course), tragedy struck when Nick's tempura vegetables went awry. The dough started sliding off all the vegetables, and formed one massive tempura amoeba. I was instantly depressed, because if Nick couldn't accomplish this, then no one can. I was sad that our vegetables wouldn't be yummy and I decided I would try again myself. 
     And here is the really good news guys. I DID IT!!! All of my vegetables turned out perfectly!
{Crispity goodness}
     After the first couple turned out perfectly, I started to do a happy dance around the kitchen! I did something right! I'm not a failure! I beat Nick!!!!! I am not sure if you comprehend how big of a thing this is for me, but if you have been reading I don't have the best of luck in the kitchen. This was truly a milestone. 
     Everything turned out delicious, and fully edible. You guys should definitely try to make tempura at home sometime. And if you need some advice, I clearly am the expert. :) Yay me!


KT @ KT's Refinishing School said...

Yum! We love tempura and sushi (including homemade):

In fact, I may just make some tonight :)

Thanks for the inspiration and happy Friday!

waldo said...

Ok...veggie thing is my fault. It skipped a generation. I love peanut butter....are peanuts a veggie? Sorry a bad mom.

waldo said...

Ok...veggie thing is my fault. It skipped a generation. I love peanut butter....are peanuts a veggie? Sorry a bad mom.

Michelle (michabella) said...

YUM!!! I am craving tempura now!!! Congrats on the job well done :)

posidanielle said...

I've never had tempura but I am willing to try it! I definitely need to go to the grocery store now and look for it!

TaylorMade said...

oh, I love tempura.
My husband and I both love it so much.
We have a place here in oklahoma that does some tempura magic with green beans.

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