Monday, February 27, 2012

The Oscars 2012

I don't know about you guys, but I thought the fashion last night was a major snooze fest! It isn't that anyone looked particularly bad, it is just that most everyone looked old. 

I know it is the Academy Awards, and by all means, class it up! But, that doesn't mean you can shy away from taking risks in the fashion department all together! Some of the youngest stars there looked the most aged...

But there were some shining stars out there! Here are a few of my faves!
Jessica Chastain: Alexander McQueen
{1 2}
I mean, talk about a wow factor! The black and gold together make such a great contrast! She some how manages to look like a Greek Goddess and Warrior all at the same time, and I like it! Not to mention, how perfect does her hair and make-up look???? Way to go Jessica!

Milla Jovovich: Elie Saab
Wow! There was a sea of subdued tones on the carpet. Whites, Nudes, Peaches, Creams...But none of them rocked it like Milla did! I think the vintage hair and the red lips make her stand out above the others! Not only that, but her confidence exudes from her.

Michelle Williams: Louis Vuitton
Well hello, pop of color! I am so glad Michelle Williams got it right! Although I am not crazy about her Pink lips with the Coral dress, the dress steals the show. I love the detailing, and the bow at the hip! If you know me at all, you know I am a sucker for bow details. But most importantly, the color makes her look youthful, and fun!

Rose Byrne: Vivienne Westwood
I think the term is Va-Va-Voom! Everything about this is fierce and flawless! I love Rose, and thinks she always makes divine fashion choices. And her best accessory is her flawless bob! This dress fits her like a glove, and the low back detailing adds an unexpected flare. 

Unfortunately those are my only favorites, here are some notes on things I didn't like...

- Natalie Portman tried to be unexpected with Polka-Dots, but I think the cut of her dress reminded me of a punk Prom Dress.
- Kristen Wiigg looks beautiful but WHY has she worn the SAME color for all the Awards shows????? Nude every single time!!
- Gwyneth Paltrow and a cape? I don't get it.
- I usually LOVE Emma Stone's fashion choices but this dress has been done before, and it is way to old for her.
- Penelope Cruz's dress was bland and a typical red carpet dress. There was nothing special to it?
-Octavia Spencer's dress reminded me too much of her dress at the last show...

I swear I am not normally so negative. I was a little baffled with the whole fashion choices...
What did you guys think???


Melu103 said...

I still haven't watched it
but its on my dvr ♥

ill definitely watch it tonight

good choices though!


Mimi said...

you're right, this year's red carpet was just okay. i liked a lot of dresses, but there weren't very many standouts and a lot of the celebrities chose dresses that made them look older than their age. :/

my favorite of the night has to be milla jovovich, she looked gorgeous!

<3, Mimi

Farra said...

Yes, I think you're definitely right on with the Oscar choices! I loved Michelle Williams dress especially, and the boldness of the Alexander McQueen dress! Nice post!

-- Farra

p.s. I am following you now! Adorable blog!

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