Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Trendy Tuesdays

Because of my fabulous new blog design, I have decided to add a fabulous new feature to my blog!
     If you have been paying attention, I have a certain passion for fashion. And nothing brings me more joy then spreading my love for fashion to other people. Ask any one of my friends, and they will be the first to tell you that I literally JUMP at opportunities to dress them. I just love putting an outfit together on someone else, and knowing what will look amazing on them. 

     So, I thought that I would share my love affair with fashion with all of you! This week's Trendy Tuesday is dedicated to one of my favorite patterns in the whole wide world. 
     The other day I was looking for my closet, hopeless because I had absolutely nothing to wear(I can hear my mother and boyfriend laughing from here), when I realized something. I have a LOT of stripes in my closet. I am literally a "Closeted Stripeaholic"! I made a quick decision that from then on, I musn't buy anything striped for fear of getting judged by friends and family of stripe overload.
     After a few weeks of browsing, but staying strictly away from all things stripes I has an epiphany! You know what, I don't care! I love stripes!!!! 

Here are few reasons why stripes are so near and dear to my heart:
- They add a simple elegance to every outfit!
- Stripes can be dressed up or down, and therefore acceptable to be worn whenever and wherever!
- For you edgier people out there, a shoulder pad, a slouchy beanie, or a ruffle detail on the shoulder can really rough the look up a little bit.
- A striped bangle, or ribbon detail on a hat is the perfect way to test if you are a "stripe person" (although in my opinion, you all are!)
- Stripes is one of the few patterns that make a statement, without overwhelming the person that is wearing it. The focus is still on you :)
- The classic preppy look is always ALWAYS in style.

There you have it, a few quips and tips on this week's Trendy Tuesday: Stripes!

p.s. If you guys want to use my features on your blogs, let me know. I can make buttons available to everyone!


Let me begin with, said...

Love it! What a great idea. I'm quite a fan of stripes, too :)

Chrissy said...

Great idea! I love stripes!!!

Olivia.Dee said...

I'm a stripe lover as well! I try my hardest to veer away... but i'm always gravitating back!

Tahnie said...

Oh stripes. We are having a love affair right now. It isn't good for my post baby body, but oh well. ;)

Hi! I'm a new reader and am loving everything!


Meri said...

I'm not sure I'd know what to put on my body if it weren't for stripey tops!
Very glam look on your blog, love it and I'm happy to have found it.

Krystal said...

Oh man, these made me happy, I'm esp eyeing that shirt in the top left!

Brooke said...

I'm loving stripes too and floral patterns!

La Feem said...

Nice picks!!

Poppies and Sunshine said...

I love stripes! And the look of your blog is amazing! Love it!!

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