Thursday, December 13, 2012

Coffee Talk 12.13

It's that time of the week again. Coffee Talk thanks to our lovely host, miss Natalie over at The Spunky Poser.

Speaking of coffee, did you know my super talented mom makes adorable mugs (see below!)? I have a pair, and use them every day! You can find her shop over at Reinventing the Ordinary!

This week's Coffee Talk is all about the best time of the year...CHRISTMAS!!

1. What is your winter "must haves"?
First of all, can I just say that winter is my favorite fashion season. I wait all year to bust out my boots, scarves, and sweaters. I know that it doesn't get very cold here, but I like to pretend I live in Alaska for the two weeks it is under 70 degrees. Even though I live in Southern California, I own more boots than any other type of shoe. Maybe I should move somewhere colder?

2. What is on your Christmas wishlist this year? (I know this has been asked, but I wanna know!)
Well funny you should mention that, I just posted my Wish List two days ago. So I suppose I will just save myself some trouble and send you to that post (if you really care what I want).

3. What is your favorite holiday coffee/tea/alcoholic beverage?
Oh my boyfriend makes a delicious concoction of Hot Spiced Cider and Southern is to die for...literally... 

4. Top 3 must have holiday desserts?
Well I think everyone needs to have pie during the holidays correct? I think Pumpkin Pie or Apple Pie is my favorite. I also would like to count Hot Chocolate as a dessert here (with extra marshmallows). Annnnd some kind of holiday cookie to round out third, and my belly.

5. What time do you get up to open presents from Santa with your family? Do you clean up right away or do you leave it there in a huge pile until it's the night before trash day?
When I was younger we used to get up at the crack of dawn. Now we all kind of mosey up when we see fit. But we have to open our stockings first, and then presents. And we also have a trash bag open whilst opening presents to make clean-up efficient (my mom and grandparents are clean, I would probably leave a pile if left to my own devices). 

6. What is your New Years resolution?   
To become more organized and be smart with my money. Or win the lottery...whichever...

Wanna link-up? It's not too late!!


shannon said...

never thought to add winning the lottery to my new year's reso - but it's officially going on there.


Sarah Kil said...

Hey, Kai!
Your mom is so talented! I love the mugs she made! I actually have a bloggy friend that would love it too. I'm going to send her your mom's link :)
Anyway, I think it's totally okay to count hot chocolate as a dessert. It's your list :)
I too want to become more organized next year. We can achieve it!


Anonymous said...

girl.. there's always a time for pie!!!!

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