Friday, December 7, 2012

Little Moments

When you are running through life, planning the next big thing, sometimes you forget to appreciate the little moments. And that is a shame because the little moment can sometimes be the best moments of them all. 

Today I am reminiscing on one of my favorite recent little moments. Something so simple, most people would pass it by. 

Baking pies with my Grandma.
 You may not know, but my Grandma is a great cook, and an exceptional Christian role model. Baking pies with her is just good for the soul. Do you know Chicken Soup for the Soul?...well this is Apple Pies for the Spirit. 

Having her around my whole life has been such a blessing. But now that I am older, I have learned to appreciate these little moments. Something so simple as baking a pie can be so rewarding when I get to do it with my Mimi (even if she does demote me from apple cutting to apple peeling). I appreciate spending time with her more than anything.

This is a little moment I am going to hold on to for a while....

Another special moment? Catching Papa's love for his Ice Cream on Camera!

I have some pretty awesome Grandparents!


bobbi said...

I love this! So sweet.

And also, can we talk about your hair? And how it's perfection??

shannon said...

love your sweet grandparents!

wfayew said...


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