Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Preview!

Apparently I was a really good girl this year, because Santa hooked it UP! But seriously, all the stuff I got was amazing. My family sure does spoil me! Of course I will have a full-fledged Christmas recap later this week, but for now, here is a little preview of some of the awesome things I got!
{You know you have grown up when you are super excited about a new Griddle. Already used it once! Thanks Bryney!}
{Mimi and Papa got me an amazing apron from Anthro, and my mom bought Nick one to match!}
{Anyone who knows me, knows I have desperately wanted an Enzo Wand Curling Iron for AGES! Well, I finally got one! AND a Kindle? I am one lucky girl!}
{Just had to post my Kindle again. Hunger Games all loaded up. Obsessed}
{The cutest Wine Topper ever!}

Annnnd Finally...
Alllrighhtt. I didn't really get a DeLorean, but I DID see this in the parking lot and thought it was awesomeness. If you don't know what a DeLorean is, (I don't think we can be friends anymore) then go home and watch Back to the Future right now! Great Scott!

I had an amazing time home for Christmas! Like I said, my family sure knows how to spoil a girl. I am so thankful for all the awesome gifts they gave me. More Christmas stories to come. Let's keep the holiday season going people!


becky said...

BY THE WAY... the cork s from my friend Lauren... her shop...TheTrunkShop.etsy.com cute corks...her blog is cute too....TheTrunkBlog.com.

But actually Kai ... the cork came in your stocking and it was put there by... Santa.... who got it from the Elephants Trunk....

Shabbychicdiva said...

Lucky girl!! So many great new things to enjoy! I LOVE the apron. That car is so cool!! Happy 2012. Winona

Kasey Lynne said...

I felt the same way about the panini press that I got. We are such grown ups!

sarahhayx33 said...

loooove those aprons, so cute that the boy got one too!

i NEED to pick up the hunger games asap, i heard i'll be done with all of them in like two weeks?

sounds like a syllabus week challenge.

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