Thursday, December 29, 2011

Parker's 1st Christmas

Disclaimer: All photos were taken by my lovely mother. Check her out at Reinventing the Ordinary!
{Are ALL these for ME??}
As you may know, I have an AWESOME baby Nephew named Parker. Oh, you weren't aware? Well let me remind you of his Amazingness...
{You can't tell me he isn't adorable!}
This Christmas was a very special Christmas, because it was this little guy's very first Christmas! Since I am the baby of the family, I never got to witness any one's first Christmas. So, technically, this is my first Christmas seeing some body's First Christmas, so it was big for both of us. You still with me? Probably not...

The festivities began when Shea and Sarah arrived in Bakersfield with little P-Mann in tote (and of course the girlies). We were all excited to have the whole family together! Of course, with a baby in a house, all our attention was on the little guy (as it should be). I could honestly spend hours watching him, and be completely enthralled by everything he does! Plus, he is crawling (actually more of a scoot) now! 
 {Doin' the Parker Scoot}
{That face...I die...}

And of course, time with Parker wouldn't be complete without some Mercado Backyard photos! 
{Please ignore my ridiculous kissy face}

It was amazing to get to see Parker take in all of the Christmas joy! He was mesmerized by all the bright lights, and shiny decorations. One of his favorite decorations was his new Stocking made by his Great-Grandma, Mimi. You are not officially a Mercado until you have yourself a stocking.
{It is official now!}
 {Opening his stocking}
{Chewing on his stocking stuffers!}
Then it was time for presents! And who gave him his first present to open? Well Auntie Kai of course! I have to say, this kid definitely is related to me, because he is a PRO at opening presents. It is like he knew exactly what to do! Auntie Kai has taught him well...
{Get this ribbon out of my way!}
{Just what I always wanted!!}

Now the stocking was good, and the presents were great, but nothing stole his attention like Papa's dancing and singing Snowman and Puppy!
{Hello, Mr. Snowman!}
Seeing Parker take in everything reminded me just how fun Christmas is! Sometimes when you grow up, you forget to appreciate the joy in the season, and the fun of it all. Parker is seeing this all for the first time, and is loving every second of it! I wish I could be a little kid again, and appreciate the magic of the season. For now, I will just live vicariously through little Park City!
Hope your Christmas was just as bright!


Melu103 said...

this pictures are just too cute!

:) babies are adorable
specially around xmas
with the hats and how everything
seems to make them happy

Melina ♥

LindsayNicole said...

I LOVE these pictures. That baby is beautiful and adorable! Happy New Year!

PS Let me know if you want to do a button sponsor swap for the month of January!


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