Monday, December 5, 2011

New Start!

Hey! Do you guys remember me? I used to blog every once and a while...on here actually. Well, I have slapped myself on the wrist for being a bad blogger, and am determined to make December my best blogging month ever! To start off the month with a BANG, I thought I would announce the winner of last months giveaway from my very own Momma!

The Winner Is...
Congratulations Anna!  I am so excited for you!! Email me at, and I will give you the details to collect your AMAZING wreath!

I am so excited for December, and what I am bringing to the blog this month! My creative juices are flowin', and I have some fund stuff planned. Also, I am excited to be meeting up with my fabulous blogger friends again this month. I am so blessed to have met such an amazing group of girls through this blog. Kinda makes the whole thing worth it! So, moral of the story is if you stick with me, I promise I won't disappoint!

Happy December!!!

1 comment:

Anna said...

Yay!!!!! My first ever giveaway win!!

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