Monday, April 16, 2012

This is Me.

As of lately I have been trying to change my lifestyle. I am making a conscious effort to eat a lot better, and cut down my portions. I am also going to the gym at least four times a week, with a usual fun outdoorsy work-out on the weekends. I have been doing this for about three weeks, when something happened last week.

I hit a wall.

If anyone out there is trying to get in shape, you know it is a lot easier said then done. It is a battle, and sometimes you can't see how you are ever going to win. I wasn't seeing any changes, and I didn't feel any better about myself. What was the point of working out and eating healthy, it isn't showing?

It has never been about a number on a scale for me. It has been about looking in the mirror, and feeling confident in what it shows me, which I haven't had yet...

I wanted to give up. I had lost my will to keep at it, and I really didn't see a finish line in my future. I had a good cry about it with Nick, who told me to keep fighting. I know that it doesn't happen over night, and maybe I am a bit impatient, but I want this to work. 

I have decide to keep at it! To push myself even harder. To eat even healthier. I know these walls are part of the challenger, and they are really tough to get over. But, I don't want to be a quitter...I want to succeed. If you guys have any tips or tools you have used in your journey to get healthy I would LOVE to hear them.

Have you guys hit any walls lately? How have you overcome them? 


Jessica Gitler said...

good for you ... don't give up cause when the change does come you will be so very proud of yourself!!! you are a strong woman!

Michelle (michabella) said...

DON'T GIVE UP!!!!! It took me a month and a half to really start seeing results. Keep it up!!!

Ash said...

you have no idea how many walls i have hit just this year... it's CRAZY..

but your attitude is the RIGHT attitude to have.. because really, if you let this one fall stop you, you aren't the shit you think you are.. ya feel me?

everyone has setbacks, but its about you picking yourself up and getting right back on that horse.. or wagon.. or stupid treadmill (:

plus, just thinking about how awesome i feel when i DO work out or eat right, that's all the motivation i need....

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I am so bad. I expect to see results right away and when I don't, I give up. It's not OK. I need to try harder. But reading posts like these let me know I'm not alone and I need to stick with it!

P.S. I posted your button on my blog :)

Kori Donahue said...

Hey Friend!
Don't give up!!!! I've been up and down over the years and anything that comes off quick will come back on even quicker. Try to average about 1 pound a week. For me, I focus on how I feel (stronger, healthier, etc) and it in fact, my Asst. Principal asked me if I'm shrinking and it's been almost 3 months! Stay motivated! I'm here if you need advice or anything! Kori xoxo

Carly Ann said...

I am eternally trying to lose weight, and constantly getting discouraged. The thing I've learned is that every time you start giving up, you slip backwards and get even farther from your goals. Keep up the good work!

Ioana-Carmen said...

Your web looks absolutely gorgeous. I was thinking to follow each other. Tell me what you think :X


Kasey Lynne said...

GIRL...I am right there with you! I've been trying to get in shape before my wedding in June and I haven't really seen any I'm definitely where you are right now.

For me, I really need encouragement from others. I can convince myself pretty easily as to why I SHOULDNT work out, so I end up not doing it. Maybe ask your bf and a few friends to keep you accountable, ask how you're doing/how your progress is going...I always think that that's a big help in a weight loss journey.

You can do it girl! You WILL get results, I promise! Keep your head up and your thoughts positive :)

Lindsay Nicole said...

Definitely feel you on this! I feel like I go on a workout binge and do so good then one day I order a large dominos for myself and its down from there. Its more about the little healthy every day decisions that I have found matter most rather than HUGE changes. So If I get a sandwich, I use no mayo or dressing and only eat the bottom half of the bread and I'll work out 2 times a week instead of 0, use the stairs instead of an elavator, and little by litte it all ads up!

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