Thursday, October 25, 2012

7 Questions: Halloween Style!

You guys. Gentri Lee is hosting two of my favorite things combined together! Halloween AND a Survey! I had to join in!
{Halloween last year! We were LMFAO if you couldn't tell}

1. Do you believe in ghosts?
I do not. My boyfriend gets mad at me every time we bring this up because he claims he "saw" a ghost. 
2. Do you prefer the cute or the scary Halloween?
Scary!!!! I am a HUGE Scary movie buff! The spookier the better!

3. How old were you when you stopped trick or treating?
I can't remember? I think we trick or treated into high school...but that was maybe just an excuse to run around with my high school friends...

4. Do you have any fun Halloween traditions?

Nick and I watch the same movies every year! Interview with the Vampire, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Cloverfield, and Nightmare Before Christmas. 
5. Share a scary local urban legend.

I will do one from my hometown. The high school I went to was supposedly very haunted. Apparently during the building of one of the Halls, a few people mysteriously died. Even creepier, my dad teaches in that same hall today! OooOOOooOO!
6. Would you rather be haunted or haunting?
Oh hmm....I would be down to be haunted....unless it was by the devil or a demon...homie don't play with that stuff...
7. What's your favorite Halloween character/ creature? (dracula, witch, ghost, etc)
I have a weird obsession with Zombies. I have a reoccurring dream of what I would do if there was Zombie outbreak. Yes, I have an escape route planned...

Wanna join in on the Spooky fun? Head on over to Gentri Lee!



Miss Caitlin S. said...

how cute!!! I love the LMFAO outfits. I think I would rather be haunted on Halloween- good to have a little scare!

Ashley said...

Too funny that you have an escape route planned. I hypothetically brought up zombie outbreak to my hubby and said we needed a plan. He just roles his eyes and laughed. Maybe I have been watching too much walking dead. Haha... Thanks for stopping by and following. I'm following too. :)

natalie blair said...

OHEMGEE! I think I just found my freaking twin!!

I love scary movies! And yes.. the spookier THE better!

I stopped trick or treating too in highschool! HAHA

We watch scary movies too as a tradition. Well. I do !!

That school sounds AWESOME! I wanna go!

Which brings me to the exorcist... I watched that shit the other night. Holy bajeeezus!!

And I am soooooooooo with you when Zombies come! Seriously.. I stare out the window at night wondering if I will ever see a heard of them strolling down my street. Spooks me!

Ash said...

oh man, you should come up to justin's brothers house for halloween- you guys would LOVE IT!

Ash said...

oh man, you should come up to justin's brothers house for halloween- you guys would LOVE IT!

Gentri said...

hahaha! I don't (don't kill me) believe in the zombie apocalypse. But I do have some ideas of what I will do when the world starts to go crazy.

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