Thursday, October 4, 2012

Dog Days

 {The real star of show}

Since it has been sunny it to the beginning of Fall, Nick and I have decided to take advantage of this fortunate situation. We are soaking up all the sun we can while it lasts, starting at one of our favorite places to go...the dog park!
I also took this opportunity to play with my new DSLR camera! Yes, you read that right. My amazing boyfriend bought me a camera for my birthday, so I finally graduated to the grown-up ranks of my fellow bloggers! 

(In reality I haven't taken it off Auto yet, but shh don't tell anyone!)
 {This place is huge!}

Here is a secret. I love the bond that Nick and Hudson have. It is so playful. It makes me smile, and my heart happy, every time I see them play together...

Then they both got tired...
 {staring thoughtfully into the distance}
 {just staring...}

I am kind of obsessed with dogs, and love meeting all of the dogs at dog parks. I seriously always have a good time there! But Hudson is still my favorite...he is pretty cute. 

This is what happens when Nick gets the camera in his hands.
And yes, I am wearing a Hunger Games shirt lol

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