Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Shenanigans

I am linking up with Ashley today (well, kinda) for her First & Last Halloween Edition! I couldn't find my first Halloween Costume....but I am SUPER excited about my latest one!
For my costume this year, I was on a particular mission, with very particular rules.
1. I wanted to be cute, but not slutty. 
(but for real women, how many times are we going to see a corset with some kind of animal ears?)
2. I wanted it to be recognizable...
3. ...I also wanted it to be a little different at the same time. 
4. A little fake blood never heard anyone. (Good rule of thumb for life)
So after reviewing all of these things, I decided on a costume that I loved.
Little Red Riding Hood that killed the Wolf!
 That's right. I flipped the script not the classic Red Riding Hood tale. No wilting flower here! Damsels in distress are a thing of the past people! It is all about female bad-assness! 

I beheaded that wolf, and made a purse out of his skin.

I wear my blood as a badge of honor.

I carry my axe with pride!

And I also make sure my hair is always perfectly curled, of course.

This is actually one of my favorite costumes I have ever worn, and was super excited with how it turned out. I loooove all the blood, but the Wolf Head Purse is my favorite. (I'm a little weird...I know)

Nick and I had a few friends over, and we celebrated one of my favorite holidays together!
 {Nick's sister Dani on the far right, and Adrianna in the middle}
 {Hello Kitty, Flapper, Little Red, and a Bunny}

In case you follow me on Instagram and wondered what Nick was going to be...he was:

White Goodman from Dodgeball!
{Ridiculous, as always...} 
{Can someone explain to me how I am more covered up than my boyfriend?}
We had an AMAZING night, and I can't wait to celebrate again next year! (Yes, I already have costumes planned...I am that weird)
But before you go....just know this...
I might not stop at just killing the wolf...
house of glass


Ash said...

bahahaha oh i LOVE this..

and your purse is AMAZING (: great idea, my friend..

but WHITE?!!? freaking WHITE?!?!?!? genius.

PolkaDotted Chaos said...


Blair @ Wild and Precious said...

your RED outfit is just so fun!! cute twist!! hehe. loved seeing the pics on instagram.

Anonymous said...

Nice! I love that idea! Too cute girl!

caz said...

LOVE your costume!! Amazing idea!!
Where did you get that wolf head purse??!! Did you make it??

Kasey Lynne said...

Umm 1) your house is GORGEOUS inside.

2) Love the costume!

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