Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Love

Today, I am driving home to Bakersfield to spend Christmas with my whole family (including the little Mercado on the way)! I have thought about what Christmas means to me, and the one word that comes to mind
Christmas love! From me, to you.
I think I have said my piece about my love for this holiday. And not to get all preachy, but I just want to make sure I get a chance to appreciate the true reason for the season! I know this isn't politically correct, but for me personally, I celebrate Christmas because of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. That is what Christmas really means to me. His love shines down upon us every Christmas, and brings true meaning to the holiday!

My biggest hope is not to offend any of you by saying this, because I love you all so! And if you love me at all, you will respect me for being strong enough to put my beliefs out there!

If that isn't what you believe, at least do me a little itty bitty favor. Take a second this Christmas, before you open presents, and be thankful for every single little thing you have! Love can be shown so many different ways, not just with presents. So many times we get wrapped up (literally ha) in all the gifts, and expecting presents. And trust me when I say, I love presents just as much as the next person.

I never said I was perfect, or selfless, but I sure as heck will try a little harder to be this holiday. Because when we sacrifice our selfish wants, and put others before ourselves, that is when we truly will experience the warmth of love. And something I have really come to learn is that love is the glue that holds this big bad world together. Surround yourself with the people you love, and make sure you let them know how you feel every day. Life is too short to not fill each day with lots of love!
Who spreads love more than Mickey and Minnie?
Okay, I'm done! Back to getting present. Tomorrow the winner of my Giveaway will be announced!!!!! I recorded a video, in which I am super awkward. So, get excited! Stay tuned...
No Complications when it comes to Love


Brittany said...

Great post Kai! It is easy to get caught up and forget the real meaning of this holiday. I hope you have a great one at home! :)

Sandy a la Mode said...

christmas always makes me think of LOVE too~!!! such a happy time!! happy holidays sweetie!! :D

brookeiam said...

i love this post :) merry christmas kai!!

Amy said...

What a lovely post! I've been thinking a lot about love this season and I've come to terms with the fact that I think my heart has grown so much larger :)
I have so much love for all sorts of things this year and so many different people this year!
So love to you darling for spreading this cheer.

brookeiam said...

to answer your question haha zorbing is this awesome thing where you're basically a hampster rolling down a big ball off of a hill. the one kel and i did they add water and then you can go two at a time, but there are ones where you go by yourself too! soo much fun :)

check out this link for more info <3
p.s. it's wayy more fun than it looks

Ally said...

Have a happy holiday!! Merry Christmas :)

Ashley said...

Such a lovely post...and I LOVE mickey&minnie. :)

Hope you had THE merriest Christmas, friend!

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