Monday, December 20, 2010

Died and gone to antique heaven...

My first ever Complicated Giveaway is now OFFICIALLY over! Thanks for all the comments on what you love, I figured filling the blogosphere with more love couldn't hurt anyone. I will let you guys know the winner this week, when I get a second to breathe.

Today, I thought I would catch up on some events from weeks where I was m.i.a. from the blogging world (sorry). I'm also sorry for being lazy with my blogging recently, I will make it up to you I promise! 

Anyways, when I was home for Thanksgiving, yes I know this was a month ago, my family (+ Nicholas) went antique shopping! One of the many things I love about Nick is he loves going thrifting and antiquing just as much as I do. And mother dearest loves roaming through the countless isles of old stuff to find that one special treasure with me. And boy did we! 
This little baby was the first thing I saw walking into the store. I have ALWAYS wanted my own juke box!
How cute is this for a little bambino? Who cares if it was probably painted with lead paint right?
I want each and every one of these to go on my wall right about NOW.
This teapot can even make Elvis smile!
How cute are these? I can see them filled with bright colored candy! But, that's not very practical for my room, so maybe like jewelry or scarves instead?
I might faint from the loveliness of these hats. Especially the black and white one! So Audrey!
I have always LOVED brass kitchenware....How cute would these be in a kitchen...maybe hanging above the stove? Yet another thing I must have!
I would like to thank whoever put this on display for adding a bow! It just makes me want it that much more!
I have a secret....I have an obsession with hat boxes. Just the concept is so ladylike and vintage it makes me smile. Women would buy such elegant hats that they must have an equally elegant hat box to accompany it. And to think, I just throw my hats in my closet....
And finally...the creme de la creme of all antiques in this wonderful mall! An old typewriter!!! Not only is it a typewriter, but it is a GREY typewriter. For those of you who don't remember my room color scheme is grey and yellow. Um, hello gorgeous you would go perfectly in my room!

Unfortunately, because it is Christmas time I didn't buy anything for myself. But, I am sure my mom got some pretty sweet ideas for me. Right, mom? 

I could literally scour this place for hours looking at all the amazing details at all the amazing things. But alas, we had to leave...but as Arnold Schwarzenegger once said, I'll be back!
Goodbye antique heaven, we'll miss you!
Complicated AND antiqueless...sad day


lindsay said...

oh my goodness i ♥ antique heaven, best place ever :)

i love all of these pictures. that juke box is fabulous (i want one too!) and that typewriter is amazing!

looks like you had fun...matthew likes to go thrifting as well...sounds like we both are lucky ladies

Brooke said...

aw I love the last photo of you two and you took awesome pictures. I've always wanted a juxebox too! I'd see them in diners and restaurants and it was always the first thing I went to!

MJ said...

haha I totally pictured "I'll be back" in Arnold's voice. oh geez.

Anyway, congrats on the typewriter! It's really really cute!

& I love those vintage frames! Ah I just die!

Ashley said...

I totally obsess over hat boxes, as well! That one is super cute! I heart antiquing. :)

Alyssa said...

oh my oh my! It's all so beautiful!! I dream of having a house with a juke box and brass kitchen wear hanging from the roof.

(fingers crossed mummy dearest took note of the typewriter!!!)

shade of whim said...

the photo of you two is beautiful :)
thanks for sharing - great post!

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