Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Missing This...

I'm gonna be sappy today. Deal with it. :)
Due to the holiday season, all that has been on my mind is being around friends, and most importantly family. That is why I am dedicated to back home. I was lucky enough to go home to Bakersfield for a week during Thanksgiving week, and I truly deeply miss it.

I don't think there is anything better than cuddling up under a blanket, next to our fireplace drinking hot chocolate and looking at the Christmas tree. (Yes my mom has it up by Thanksgiving, and yes that is totally okay with me) 
The holiday season always makes me want to go home, but this year is the worst. Maybe it is because I'm not in school anymore and I don't have a Christmas Break anymore. I know Bakersfield doesn't sound  like the MOST exciting place in the world, but I truly love it there. Especially when my mom gets the tree up. She has a true eye for design, and the tree is FABULOUS every single year.
I love the rich colors and the oversize ornaments! 

I dare you to look at the Christmas tree and not smile! I know it isn't traditional Christmas colors, but that is what I love about it! My mom's style isn't traditional, she loves to dance to the beat of her own drum in all the best ways! She is ahead of the curve, and I like to think she is where I get my sense of style from...like this little winter number...
Yup, that is a snow suit. Yup, those are bear ears on the hood. 

There are also a few little tiny other reasons I love visiting home. No, literally, they are little ones...
Should we all just say it together? Alright all together now..."Awwwww!" These are my family's pups (remember? To me they will always be puppies) and I love them. Coming home to their eager faces, makes me smile every single time. It always makes me feel special that they remember and love me, even if I am gone for months at a time. 

Finally, I am sorry to break it to all you guys because I am sure you have great families BUT I have the greatest family in the whole wide world! I know I have talked about it before, but my family is supportive and loving and just a LITTLE bit crazy. The perfect mix! When we all get together it is guaranteed to be an great time with tons of laughs and love. 
The Mercados. Yes ladies, my brother on the far right is SINGLE!

So, that is where I am missing today. The good news is my mom and dad are visiting this weekend! So even though I didn't get to visit what I am missing this moment, they are bringing the best parts of it to me! 

So what about you? What are you missing this holiday season? I am sure there are plenty of things that have a warm place in your heart. 

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Home for the Holidays Complications.


Krystal said...

aw, will you get to go back at all? I'm excited to go home for the holidays to the US...SO EXCITED!

Green Pickles said...

Awwww! Hope you get back soon!
Visit my blog to be cheered up:

Love from

Alyssa said...

wow, your mums tree decorating is absolutely stunning!! i always like the more out there decorations rather than the same old balls and tinsel.

lindsay said...

your moms tree decorating skills are fabulous...i love the non traditional colors like that :) amazing!! your family is beautiful darling and i am excited for you to see them soon!

i miss my mom this holiday season. her and my stepdad are in the middle of relocating and are currently in TN...i have never been away from her for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday and sadly this year I will not see her for either...at least we have the phone though! now i just need to teach her about skype :)

MJ said...

Cute dogs.

Roddick, for Andy Roddick!?

jacin said...

i totally hear you on this - i'm from connecticut and live in california! holidays are hard!

Absolutely Ladylike said...

What a lovely post...I understand you very well dear Kai, I'm living between 3 countries and I always wanna go HOME for Christmas!

Happy December, cheers: Evi

Ps: Your brother is cute ;-)

Pia said...

The tree looks amazing! So colorful, I love it!!

And I tagged you in a fun little game. I would love to read your list of fours. :)

Baily Jones said...

Glad you get a visit from your parents! I am missing my sister, but I can't wait until NYE when she comes to see me in Orlando.
I'm loving your blog.. and I'm a newbie follower!
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