Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I'm Not a Farmer...

...but I have been to a Farmer's Market. So I am not sure what that makes me? Anyhoo, Nick and I are loving our new neighborhood so much! My favorite thing about moving is exploring all the new areas around you, and getting to know your surroundings. One thing we discovered is that every Thursday there is a Farmer's Market right by our house! Score! We scurried on over to check out the goods!
{I don't care where I am going, as long as it's with you.}

We discovered rows of tents selling all kinds of different foods! Have I died and gone to heaven? Unfortunately we didn't have an abundance of cash on us ( I NEED to start remembering to carry cash), so we just bought enough for dinner.
{I made a slight change of plans and purchased a Strawberry Lemonade as well. It had fruit on the straw, what was I supposed to say, no?} 

{Don't bother me. I am drinking delishesness!}
{Fake smile, but I'll take it!}

There was so many yummy food options it was hard to choose! I decided to go with a Crepe with Chicken, Cheese, Avacado, and other goodness inside. Can you believe I had never had a crepe before??
Yeah. It was kind of amazing. I wanted to get a dessert crepe SO bad, but then Nick couldn't get dinner. So then I had a tough decision to face. Dessert crepe or Nick's dinner? I decided to let Nick eat...but only this time! You better believe next time that Nutelle Crepe WILL be mine!

Nicholas decided on some yummy Greek food! The food was delicious, don't get me wrong, but I can't help but be thrown off a bit by how it looks...will someone please back me up on this????
{Looks gross...but surprisingly delish}

We had such a great time walking hand-in-hand down the rows of booth, and taking home yummy food. I am excited to go back, and get to explore a bit more. I really want to take home some fresh local produce, and home made baked goods (and of course my Nutella Crepe) next time. Luckily for me, it comes around every Thursday! 


Olivia.Dee said...

I need to try the nutella and fruit crepes too! we had breakfast ones the last time. have you checked out the Little Italy Farmer's market??? it's the largest in SD!

wfayew said...

I love Farmer's Markets! (What food lover doesn't?) You two are just too cute. Play matchmaker for me. K thanks.

melifaif said...

I am backing you up on the Greek food....looks. And yes - it is beyond tasty!!! Love. And Miss Mercado...you SHOULD be at the Market!!!! ;-)

Melu103 said...

i love farmer's markets!

food looks so yummy!

and i loveeeeeeeeeeeeee
your purse! where did u get it!?


Gertrude said...

The caption beneath the first picture is so adorable! I do agree that the food in the last one looks gross! haha

Jennifer said...

nick's food looks like burnt dog poop

Jennifer said...

or a burnt shlong

Kar-N said...

Oh Absolutely Love love love The farmers market lol & I love trying new things, but I havent tried greek food yet, that might be next on the list.

Vale ♥ said...

Love that kind of market and that pic with holding hands is just too cute :)


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