Thursday, September 1, 2011

Look Book Numero Tres

Guys. I am not a model. I think I have told you that before, but I thought I would just confirm that fact. I honestly don't know how fashion bloggers do this on a regular basis? I am completely fine taking pictures, in fact I love to! But as soon as I get in front of the camera by myself, showing off an outfit, all my worst insecurities come out. The only way to describe it is AWKWARD. 

Regardless, I am pushing through that and trying my best to re-invent my blogger self. I love beauty and fashion, and love to show it off. So I am getting over my insecurities, and bringing you some new looks. These were taken on my computer (hence a lot of sitting pictures! lol) so bare with me...
{Chambray Blouse: F21   Lace Dress: Urban Outfitters   Boots: Target}
I went for a winged eyeliner look, with a nude lip. Also, I accomplished these loose curls with...a straightener! Yep! You heard right! If you like the look, good! No just kidding, if you really like it, then wait until next week when you will be getting a step-by-step tutorial on how to curl YOUR hair with a straightener! (My awkward not done hair pictures included) I feel like I am selling something right now....for the price of $19.99 you get not one, but TWO tutorials. Just kidding it's free....

This picture happened on accident because my dog doesn't really know the concept of a photo shoot. Therefore, he tends to just jump into pictures whenever he darn well pleases. It is a good thing he is super cute, and makes a good model!
What am I looking at? You will never know...(probably Hudson)

I LOVE this mini dress form my Mom got me for Christmas! It is the most awesomest necklace holder EVER!
I call this "The Flasher". I think it might be my best "modeling" pose yet. You should have seen the look on everyones faces when I actually was naked underneath...just kidding...I was alone... :)

There you have it. Another one of my famous Look Books...they are famous right? No? Well you know what, my mom likes them a lot! So that counts for something! I got a new charger for my actual camera (I may or may not have lost my other one), so I will hopefully be doing this more often and with better quality. 


nicole said...

you look adorable! and my dog crashes my photoshoots all the time!


Olivia.Dee said...

i hear ya on feeling awkward in front of a camera! every once in a while i'm so proud of my outfits I feel the need to document them... but not a strong enough need to ACTUALLY do it. haha.

Melu103 said...

love your outfit love!!

and i always wanted to learn
how to curl my hair with the
straightener .. so i am looking
forward to that tutorial


Michelle (michabella) said...

LOVE the outfit!!!!! Esp the lace!!!

melifaif said...

You are so cute!!! And digging the hair! I like those boots too....Target, eh? Cool....even bettah.

Tabitha said...

You're a natural at the pics - love "The Flasher".

brookeiam said...

remember when you used to say you felt awkward posing?? not anymore!! you look great!! :)

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