Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I LOVE New York!

So. Moral of the story is don't start a 30 Day Challenge when you are going to be gone for a week of that month. Lesson learned. This is when you guys laugh and sigh, and say "Oh that Kai, she can't finish anything. What a charming and cute quality."

Alriiight. It is not my best quality! I am working on it, so will you puh-lease stop making me feel guilty? Okay maybe that is my inner guilt talking, but I am working on it I promise. Moving on...

New York was AMAZING!! (Like anyone thought it wouldn't be?) Honestly. I dare you to go to New York, and not have a good time? Well, I am sure there are those germa-fobes that would probably have an awful time. Or maybe there are people that have an irrational fear of really tall buildings, in which case you should probably just stay away from big cities in general. But besides those people, I am sure all the rest of you would LOVE it!

We stayed in the heart of Time Square!! By the way, that part of New York is usually avoided by all actual New Yorkers due to the tourist overload. But guess what, I am a tourist!! I could act like some hip and cool person that is above it all, but in actuality I was in love with all the big sparkling signs and tourist attractions. I was one of those people walking around with a camera, not paying attention where I was going. I was a tourist, and I don't care who knows it!
{The view from my ROOM! I mean....c'mon. How awesome is that?}
{On Broadddwaaayy. I wanted to go to a show SO bad!}
{I love this! Got to walk by it every day to the Conference}
{And the FOOD! The food is amazing. Not to mention the bakeries...ummm yum!}

Truthfully, I didn't get to explore that much because I was there for work. I spent most of my days at the conference, networking and meeting current colleagues. I love meeting new people, and talking business with people I have known for a while. Yes, I even took a picture from inside the conference hall. I told you...tourist!
{But these lights are pretty cool right? And capturing the check-in below? Pure art I tell you!}

But luckily, my industry is a bunch of youngsters, so there were tons of fun work parties throughout town that I was lucky enough to go to. My favorite party was at The Dream Hotel. The view was absolutely ridiculous, and I couldn't get enough of it. Even though it was rainy out, I could have stood on the balcony all night, taking it all in.
{My sad attempt at getting the view. You get the me it was unreal!}

So the verdict is I LOVE NEW YORK. Ahhhhh, that is why they make those t-shirts! Because it is so true! I am going back just as soon as I possibly can, and next time I will explore every little bit of the city! I am coming for you New York, be ready!


becky said...

Ok.....let's go. I have only been there 1 time and I can't wait to go back. This trip...I need a shopping buddy.

Olivia.Dee said...

i can honestly feel your excitement through the post. ahaha. i've never been... and have the biggest urge to get out there. i'm trying to go for the BlogHer '12 Conference in Aug 2012. you should go too!

Anna said...

I love New York!! Your pictures are great!

[SMASH] said...

Glad you enjoyed The Big Apple. I need to get there one day!

SaffaKate said...

YAY! Glad you had a great time in my (new) Home Sweet Home!

Ross said...

What a view from that room! I still haven't been there yet. It's one of those trips that's on my to do list and very soon might I add!

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