Friday, August 12, 2011

Day 12

This is a close-up of one of my favorite key chains, with a funny little story behind it. As most of you guys know, my goofy little (not so little) pup's name is Hudson. Everyone asks me why I chose that name, and it is kind of hard to answer. 

Usually, when ideas come to me, especially for names, I make it a point to write it down. I don't know if you know this, but I am a bit forgetful. So when I am blessed with  a good idea or thought, I save it before it slips out of my brain two seconds later. So I believe I was watching Rachel Zoe (i die!) on tv, and Kate Hudson was on the screen. At this time, Nick and I were thinking about getting a puppy sooner or later. So while watching Kate Hudson and Rachel Zoe discuss some red carpet dress, I am pretty sure I turned to Nick and shrieked "Hudson!!!!!!". He then continued to give me the what the heck are you talking about look that I know so well. Whatever, the thought process made sense in my mind, and we decided to name our puppy Hudson. 

Fast-forward a few months after we got the pre-named Hudson. My mom and I were shopping at Nordstrom for a new pair of jeans, and what brand have I been wanting for a while? Why, Hudson of course! Not because of my puppy, I actually hadn't made that connection yet. Anyway, the sales lady hands me this key chain, because it was free with every purchase. I glance at it, and had it to my mom, because she had been wanting a key chain. She looks at me and says.."Kai! You need to keep this...look really hard at what it says!" Oh my goodness gracious it was my puppy's name!! 

I instantly put my "custom made" puppy name key chain on my keys, and left the store happy. I have had it ever since, and it is still my favorite key chain!


Olivia.Dee said...

hahaha. this is fabulous! My thought process is usually quite the awkward off the wall one as well... so i fully understand yours! I mean there's an entire line of thought that had me naming my car Darla! god only knows what will happen if we ever get a pet or a child!!!

Nadiine said...

Ahaa Hudson is such a cute name :) I named my cat Elmo. I can't remember the thought process to call her that but everyone always thinks shes a boy but shes not! Choosing names is always an odd process I think!

SaffaKate said...

I love that name and what an awesome twist of fait that you got handed that key chain.

Claire Kiefer said...

What a cute story, and how fortuitous that the keychain says Hudson!

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