Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Funny Girl!

Hey from New York! I am SO exhausted...but I wanted to make sure you guys got to meet all of these lovely ladies! I miss you all, and shall return next week. Back and better then ever! Now here are a few of my awesome friends...

Oh Faye! I just love her so much. If you ever need a good laugh, or to smile, go check out this little blog of hers. She is so witty and well spoken, not to mention one of the nicest bloggers on the block. I am so excited that she is posting for me today!
When Kai asked me to guest post on All Kinds of Complicated, I was so excited (I've been a fan of hers for a while now). But then, I was hit with writer's block. And I don't mean I had a small feeling of "what shall I write about?"

I mean a big-truck/18-wheeler/semi (whatever you call it) of "YOU HAVE NO CREATIVE THOUGHTS" plowed right into my face.
Then I remembered Kai's post that probably lead to her asking me to write something for her. And I remembered my comment.

When you just open yourself up and write about what you want to write about, that's when you get something good. So, here goes.

I've done a few posts on my blog called Want It Wednesday. It's Wednesday, so this is what I want...

I want to want something.

I work an 8 - 5 (those actually don't exist, it's actually 7:30 - 5 or 6 or 7 or 8). I sit at the same desk around the same people. I go home to the same house with the same roommates (love them). I go to Trivia on Tuesday nights; I go out on weekends. I have a routine. And it doesn't change. I don't want it to change...because I'm scared. But I want to want it to change. I NEED to want it to change.

I want adventure.
I want spontaneity.
I want a life.
And a man.
And a million dollars.
And a puppy. (I really want a puppy.)
I need to spice up my life, huh?
*I'd love for you to spice up my life by visiting my corner of the interwebz (I hate when people say that) at Faye'sbook!



BJJ said...

Love this post! I am the same way with writer's block... it hits hard but I just let go and can usually get my thoughts out there. Have a great day!

Kai, can't wait to see your NYC photos!

Melu103 said...

it's hard to change the routine
but sometimes you have to do it
for your own good :)

good luck!



mandyface said...

Oh Spice Girls, so many memories of dancing around with their songs cranked up...still as fun as it was when I was 13.

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