Tuesday, August 9, 2011

30 Day Challenge!

I am so thankful for the whole feedback I received from you guys on my last post! Your suggestions were awesome, and I will be responding to all of you this week. One of the main suggestions I heard was to find bloggers, and link up with them. So, that is just what I did...

Sherry at Oh So Lovely is hosting a 30 Day Photo Challenge for the month of August! The rules are that you have to take a picture based on the list below for each day, and then post it. I am so excited to start, even though I am a few days behind. This is going to add a new fresh feature, and force me to have more discipline with my posting. It is EXACTLY what I need, and I am ready for the challenge. As Barney Stinson would say, "Challenge Accepted!"

As you might already know, it is now the 9th of August, so therefore I am a few days behind. Luckily my obsession with my iPhone has made it super duper easy to play catch up! 

{Self Portrait}
Just me and my fakey Ray Bans. Yes, (gasp) fake. Let me explain...Whenever I have been given and/or bought nice sunglasses, I have immediately broken and/or lost them. Therefore, I have made an oath to myself to not buy any more sunglasses that cost more than $10. And believe me, it has saved a lot more money over the years.
{What I Wore}
This is what I like to call my "I'm on a Boat" outfit. I mean, really. Red Pants? Striped Top? All I need is a sailor hat and some boat shoes, and I would be ready to set sail! No but really, I actually do want boat shoes. And if I had them, I actually would have worn them. The more nautical the better I always say. You can take that to the bank!
One downfall to living/working by the beach is this nasty little thing called Marine Layer. That means that a majority of the time looks like this. Gloomsville. I suppose I should stop complaining before I receive a call from my mom telling me how lucky I am, and how she WISHES she lived by the beach. 

{Favorite Color}
Could you have guessed it was going to be Pink? Probably. But what is even better than regular pink? NEON pink! I think I would be perfectly okay with having neon pink nails for the rest of my life. 

{Someone I Love}
Look at this handsome man. He is almost as hard to get to take a picture as my mother. He moans and groans, to which I reply "Baaaaabe it's for the blog". As if taking picture for the blog counts as doing something for the great good? I am glad he went with it, because I don't think my logic was rock solid on that theory.
{A Childhood Memory}
Looking around my brand new apartment, it was hard for me to think about what could be considered a childhood memory. I have tons of great memories, but nothing tangible that I could take a photo of. Then it hit me! My grandma (Mimi) recently gave me a very special recipe book with all of her favorite recipes handwritten. Her Baked French Toast and Egg Souffle remind me of every single Christmas Morning growing up. We still have it every Christmas, and I think it is my favorite meal of the whole entire year!
{Something New}
My BRAND NEW VACUUM (with special pet settings)!! I don't think I have ever been more excited about a vacuum in my entire life. But now that I own a dog who happens to shed everywhere, a vacuum with a special pet-hair-grabbing-claw is a gift from above. Literally. Heaven sent! Thanks Momma!
With great technology, comes great distraction. I believe Peter Paker's Uncle said that in the first SpiderMan. Anyway, nothing is more technologically distracting in a wonderful way than Pinterest. If you haven't joined yet, you definitely should. Or maybe you shouldn't? I am not sure what is the right thing to suggest here. If you are comfortable wasting your time in all the best ways, then join away!

{Faceless Self Portrait}
I am not really sure what they meant by this, so I hope I did it right. I tried to take a picture of my hair, but it didn't turn out so well. Mostly because it is hard to get a good picture when you aren't looking at where the camera is pointing...oh well...you get the idea!

I am so happy to be linking up with Oh So Lovely, and her 30 Day Photo Challenge. If you guys are interested, it isn't too late for you either. Just head on over to Oh So Lovely, and link on up!

9 Days Down, 21 to Go!


Michelle (michabella) said...

Love this idea!!! Maybe I will join in tomorrow for day 10. We shall see. I am awful at keeping up with 30 day challenges!

And yes, I agree... Link up as much as possible. Browse blogs. Comment, comment, and comment some more. RESPOND to the comments you get. Best way to carry a conversation/friendship past a comment.


{Jillian} the Queen Lioness said...

Kai you are so stinking cute!! I need to get up the nerve to do one of these challenges...or should I say stay motivated.


[SMASH] said...

Very cool photo challenge. That should help spring you out of your blogging rut!

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