Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Anna Banana!

Hey friends! Kai here, introducing to one of my fav blog friends. Meet Anna!! She is kind of amazing, and I love her blog. Fun fact: My mom thinks we are exactly alike! I hope she doesn't hate the nickname I gave her! :)

Hi! I’m Anna. I blog at My Aiken Heart. I call it a lifestyle blog but really it’s just a desolate wasteland of mindless ramblings and self-portraits. =) 
That's me. 

When Kai asked me to guest post, naturally I was like "OF COURSE!" I frequently find myself at work spending WAY too much time stalking her blog so I was just absolutely thrilled that'd she'd think to ask me. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to write about today, and I hope I don’t lose too many of her followers. Ultimately I decided to write about something that’s sort of currently going on in my world. It’s also a combination of an old post I wrote in 2009. Here we go!

I am terrified of the gym.  It's not so much the working out aspect - although I do find running in place for 30 minutes a scary notion. It's the idea of going to such a BIG building full of strange people and foreign equipment and sweaty men.  How sheltered does that make me sound? 

Let me just tell you, after a very small amount of sporadic physical activity over the past four years, I have gotten disgustingly out of shape.  My volleyball regime that I followed in high school fell by the wayside while binge drinking and Guthrie’s fried chicken replaced it as soon as I got to college.  Now that I've graduated I'm left with 25 lbs and a not so cute belly pooch that I have had no idea how to get rid of. I did a short stint at Gold’s Gym with a personal trainer, but eventually decided that spending $80 dollars a month to hang out with someone I hated was a poor investment. I feel obligated to tell you she was trying to kill me.  By the end of the second set of lunges my thighs were trembling and I thought that at any given moment I might collapse onto the floor into a pool of liquefied muscle. I found myself searching for reasons to cancel our appointments just so that I wouldn’t have to spend 30 minutes staring at her tight ass and plotting her death.
That's me my freshman year of college (white shirt 2nd from right) before I was introduced to penny pitchers and Moe's burritos.

My difficulties were only magnified by the 235257345 mirrors on the wall that could be seen from any corner of the two-story establishment.  I still remember our first appointment, when 36 repetitions and 3 sets later, in my opinion it was time for a nap, little miss trainer lady took me over to a machine that at first glance looked like some sort of black ops torture device.  After a thousand butt clenches and a gallon of sweat, we went into a smaller side room with even MORE MIRRORS.  What is it with gyms and mirrors? Before I left she gave me a list of foods I was supposed to eat.  Anyone who knows me will understand how distraught I was when I tell you that CHEESE was not one of those foods. 
Do any of y’all have funny/sad/embarrassing work out stories? I’m just now getting back into a running routine, and let me tell you – after being far too sedentary for WAY too long, it’s going to be rough. I took up Spin class for a solid two weeks so who knows. This whole getting fit and being healthy thing is probably going to be a lifelong battle! 

I hope this wasn’t the longest guest post in the history of guests posts, but if you made it to the end, I applaud your valiance! Stop by my blog and say hi. =) 


indie.electronic.alternative. said...

you two really do look similar!

nicole said...

no cheese? :SHOCK!: thanks for bringing me to kai's blog! love it and will definitely be following :)

linds.eliz said...

hi! i loved that post! it was real, and quite funny :) i also hate gyms, go figure. i have a workout center in my apartment complex that is empty 90% of the time. i typically run (3-6 miles every other day), but that definitely can get boring, so don't feel alone. it's not easy and it takes a lot to tell yourself to workout. (mind you, i just rand three miles and finished a 1/2 pint of ice cream)!

what i found helpful in getting me back to the gym was signing up for a race (just a 5k to start). i've never done it before, but a friend made me do it. and i am so. glad. i find that when i have a goal to work towards, it's easier to have consistency in working out. now i'm on my way to a 1/2 marathon!

sorry if that was the longest comment in the history of commenting on a guest post.

i'll be stopping by your blog and making sure i follow!

lindsay @ 413

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