Monday, September 12, 2011

Let's Get Dirty

I am sure you all remember this post, considering it was so well received by the critics. When I say critics, I mean my mother, who makes sure she lets me know when she really likes one of my posts. Which makes me wonder what she thinks of posts that she doesn't mention to me? Anyways, here is the sequel to my love letter to my Work-out Shoes.
Ode to my Hiking Shoes:
Dear Hiking Shoes,

I first want to apologize to you, if I might have crushed your hopes and dreams. Sitting on the shelf, I am sure you hoped to be someone's shiny and clean work-out shoes. I am sure you wished to be warm and comfy in my closet all day, and not set your little soles on anything besides carpet. These are lofty and admirable goals little shoes, but little did you know that I had other grand plans for you. 

You see, as hiking shoes, I have one particular goal for you. I bought you with the hopes of getting you covered in dirt...the grosser the better. Hikes are anything but dainty, and to try to stay clean on one would be absurd. But don't you worry because being dirty is actually a good thing! Getting dirty means I took the path less traveled. It means that I pushed myself to explore places I haven't before. It means that I am getting messy and sweaty in all the best ways, and getting in a fun outdoor workout. In fact, I see it as a personal failure if you were to come back from a hike just as clean as you left for it. 

So my little Hiking Shoes, wear that dirt proud! That dirt is a badge of honor, letting all my other shoes know that you are kind of a badass, and you don't mess around. And although you have to sit in a different closet because you are too filthy, I love you just as much as any shoe in my other closet. You are my key to exploring this wonderful world that we live in! So don't get too comfortable in your personal closet, because we will be hitting the trail again soon!


Olivia.Dee said...

I love it!
hiking shoes are meant to enjoy the sun and the open trail underneath them!

becky said... I have pressure to leave the appropriate comment on all of your blogs. Your English teacher would be proud. You write with such charming intelligence and wit that you could have only gotten from your mother.....

melifaif said...

Cute post. Have fun being a dirty girl!!! hahahaha

[SMASH] said...

Love! I especially liked the "dirty means I took the path less travelled". :)

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