Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Funny Girl Redemption

Remember this post, where my friend Faye Guest Blogged for me? Well apparently she was incredibly disappointed in her post the first time around, because she posted a plead to get a second shot on her blog the other day. 

It is a hilarious post called "Second Chance?" asking me to forgive her for her first post, and to give her a free do-over. Honestly, I loved her first post! It was honest, and of course funny. But who am I to deny two Guest Posts for the price of one? Okay, I didn't pay her (or did I?) I didn't. I didn't want to get her hopes up and have her expecting a check in the mail or anything. 

SO moral of this story, and the worlds second shortest post (the first shortest one was yesterday), is go see Faye's second go-around at Guest Posting for me over at her blog....

I really love this girl. And I love her even more now that she wrote two posts for me. Can I bring you on as a full-time write please Faye?


wfayew said...

Wait so I'm NOT getting a check in the mail? Okay, okay. I'll settle for a mixed CD. Or maybe just a guest post (or two) from you soon!

Thanks for my redemption!

Anna said...

Haha how funny.
Although I really liked her first post, too!

Btw, I tagged you in a little blog game today =)

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