Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Making the best of it

So, as a recent college graduate I have tons of money! I am shopping daily...bought a new car, clothes, various electionics..... (and then I wake up from my dream and face reality). But seriously, I am broke as a joke. Which reminds me, who invented that saying? "broke as a joke"...as someone who is broke, I don't find it particularly funny. They should change it to "broke, and it sucks a lot". What? Not as catchy?

Anyway, I had a point to all of this I swear. Being on a limited budget means finding fun and eventful things to do for cheap. And when I say cheap, I mean for free. Luckily, this past week proved to be just that!

You know those friends who have been around for the longest, and know you the best? The ones who no matter you yell and scream at each other, within five minutes you are laughing about something else? Well I am lucky enough to have two best friends from home, and even more lucky to have them visit me for two days!

The three amigos (Jenny, Me, & Krista)

I went to Santa Monica with my roommate to visit her brother for one night. Followed by a day trip to Ventura Harbor to go on her parents boat! It was full of fun and of course lots of stories (not appropriate to share with the bloggerverse), but best of all it was within my budget!

My roommate Jenn and I a few margaritas and various other drinks deep....

The whole gang out and about in Santa Monica

Enjoying the sun (FINALLY) in Ventura Harbor!

The cutest little tug-boat ever...the Tammi Lu!

So the moral of the story is that its not about what you spend your time doing, but who you spend your time with. If you are surrounded by good people, then it is nearly impossible to have a bad time. So I guess the jokes on you empty bank account! I beat the system!

Until next time :)

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