Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Do you know those really amazing weekends? The kind where you don't want Monday to ever come? That was the fabulous weekend I had last week. Well, it didn't start so fabulous...

 I went to Orange County to work a Mint Photolounge event for my brother and his wife. I guess I should explain what that means exactly.They started an amazing company called Mint Photolounge when they couldn't find the perfect photobooth for their wedding. It is the perfect touch to any event, and trust me when I say it is hours of fun! (Of course, I LOVE taking pictures)

So cute and swanky! Don't you want one at your wedding?

Anyways, I am privileged to work events for Mint Photolounge, which is actually quite fun and interesting. With the exception of the fact that we had to travel from Irvine to San Clemente. No big deal right? Well it isn't a big deal on any other weekend, but on Memorial Day weekend it took us and HOUR in bumper-to-bumper traffic. But once we got set up, it was a successful event!

When we got back to my brother's house, he reminded me of the fact that I was staying until Monday to puppysit, and that he had already told me about this a week prior. (I am not so convinced) Needless to say, I brought NOTHING with me, so I literally had to spend the weekend in just the clothes off my back! (And clothes courtesy the wardrobe of Sassafrass!)

But from there, me and Nick made the best of the weekend. We made lots of yummy food! Alright, well Nick made the food, and I assisted where I could. (yes I helped!) The we had a "date night" of dinner and a movie, which we hadn't done in quite some time! It is so nice to spend time with the one you love and really appreciate them. I can't wait until we are not dreadfully broke, and an have "date night" all the time! As for the  dogs, they were easy peasy! Seriously some of the cutest and nicest puppies in the whole world!

SaySay (Saylor) being a cute little bum :)

Sof-a-lof (Sophie) giving me the stink eye for interrupting her nap

Sof-a-lof posing for the camera as usual!

Roxy is Sophie and Saylor's cousin! She is SUCH a sweetheart

Alright I know that was a long post, but it has been a while so I had a lot to catch up on! But what I have learned recently is to appreciate all the simple things. Just sitting on the couch with my boyfriend watching tv and cuddling with the pups was all I needed to have an amazing weekend!

Until next time :)

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