Friday, May 28, 2010

Adventures in San Diego!

Ok! So I decided to do some exploring of good ole' San Diego this summer, and where else to start but Balboa Park! Where in Balboa Park you ask? Why the world accredited San Diego Model Railroad Museum!! Random? Yeah a little but random adventures are the BEST kind....

Of course it wouldn't be a random adventure without some random mishaps. The first of which my friend Evan and I getting lost (of course) on the way. The second is that I FINALLY got a new camera (thanks Shea & Sassafrass) and I was beyond excited to bring it on my first S.D. adventure, but what do i do? I forgot the memory card!! FAIL

But here are some of the pictures pictures I gathered throughout the b-e-a-UTIFUL day!!!

There were SO many trains!
It is ridiculous the amount of the details there are in these models!
Is it bad I wanted to steal this for my house????
A precious little miniature park complete with miniature children playing!
(should I be creeped out by all of this?)
Rooms upon rooms of this stuff!
It was a gorgeous day with not ONE cloud in the sky!

This is why I love San Diego!

So overall it was a pretty fun day! This has totally inspired me to explore parts of San Diego. The entire day cost me THREE dollars! That is definitely within my college-grad-dirt-poor-slightly-depressing budget. (too many hyphens?) More adventures to come....

Until next time :)

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