Friday, November 11, 2011

Tammy's Little Guest Post

I'm Tammy and I spend way too much working on my blog Lemons, Avocados, and the Bay
(Is it bad when your boyfriend starts referring to your blog as the the "other lover"? Hehe)
Today Kai asked me to write a little guest post on her blog today while she's busy working away in New York.

On my blog, I write about the sweet boyfriend who understands my blog addictions, happy times I spend with my family and friends, our adventures in San Diego, renovating our home, good food, style, and traveling. 

In other news,
On November 13 at SIP @ Flavor Del Mar I will be hosting the San Diego/SoCal Blogger Meetup with these lovely ladies:
Olivia of Olivia.Dee

We would love it if you could join us. We already have some amazing sponsors lined up (cough Sprinkles Cupcakes cough) that will be donating beautiful jewelry, fitness and dance classes, baked goods, and even blog design! :)

If you're a local and are interested in attending we would be oh so happy! :)
Visit my site (or click on the button above that will take you to Kelsey's blog), leave a message, and we will happily send you an evite

Kai, thanks for sharing your lovely space with me today :)


1 comment:

Alvaro said...

"coughing" post, Completely useful..good source, thanks anyway!

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