Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Man of the Hour

In honor of Blair's Man Week, I thought I would take a moment to take a moment to talk about the important things in life...men. In fact one man in particular, who happens to be my Celebrity Crush. Who is this man of the moment you ask? It is none other than...

Jason Segel
Bet you didn't expect that, did ya? Sure I could be like all the rest, and love the Ashton Kuther's or Brad Pitt's of the world, but that just isn't me. But Kai, this is your FANTASY. You could have any one you choose. Now don't get me wrong, I am fully aware that the whole nature of a Celebrity Crush is that it's never going to happen, no matter who you choose. So with that logic you might as well choose someone with chiseled abs, right? Wrong.

It may be just me, but even when selecting a Celebity Crush, he must be someone a bit more well-rounded. A jack of all trades, if you will. While God-like features are important, there are other qualities to which I find much more desirable in an imaginary-never-going-to-happen counterpart. Here is my top criterion for the Perfect Celebrity Crush, or as some of us in the industry call it, P.C.C. (If that is a code name for some kind of crazy drug that I am not aware of, I am sorry for offending those P.C.C. users)
The P.C.C.
1. Must be Cute (Be aware that my criteria of cute might be different from most of you readers. I don't exactly have a "type")
2. MUST be funny (This is a non-negotiable. Sorry to break your hearts, non-funny celebrities.)
3. Must be musically talented. (I don't care if you can play the triangle, but a guitar or piano is much more attractive.)
4. Must be unafraid to show his goofy side. (a.k.a. going full frontal naked in Forgetting Sarah Marshall)
5. Must be funny. (Did I say that already? Well it's THAT important)
6. Must love Puppets.
 Okay that last one isn't really on my P.C.C. list, but it just so happens that Jason Segel fits the criteria perfectly! Don't believe me? I will prove it to you!

1. Must be Cute
I mean...for real though? How can you say he is not adorable? Check.

2. Must be Funny!
You know how most celebrities are funny, but they are reading from a script written by other, funnier people? Well not this guy. He wrote one of my favorite movies of all time(seriously, Top 5 people), Forgetting Sarah Marshall, AND starred in it. He is more than just a funny front man, he is the real deal. I think that means that he passes this category with flying colors.

3. Must be Musically Talented.
If you haven't seen tidbits of the Dracula Musical, or his Slapsgiving song, you are missing out. Period. End of story. But besides his awesome parodies, he actually is a really talented musician. That talent alone is a favorite of many ladies, I'm sure.

4. Must be unafraid to show his goofy side.
Hmmm..'nuff said?

5. Must be Funny. (Made it on the the list twice)
I mean, really. Have you seen How I Met Your Mother? If you haven't, go watch one episode...which will be followed by watching the entire series...and get back to me on how AWESOME it is. K. Thanks.

6. Must love Puppets.
The man is doing a Muppets movie. You can't tell me that when you were little, that you didn't want to be in a Muppets movie. If you didn't, you are lying to yourself and me! Not only that, but he is a writer on this film as well! Trust me when I say that I am SUPER Stoked for November 23rd, to finally see The Muppets back on the silver screen!

Sorry if this was long and drawn out, but for the P.C.C. I would expect nothing less. Now here is my goal...to actually get Jason Segel to read this post (which I know is highly unlikely.) But now that he has a twitter (@JasonSegel), I like to pretend that I have a chance. So if you are in the Twitterhood, and happen to mention me (@ComplicatedKai) and my P.C.C (@JasonSegel), I would be forever in your debt. For if he even knew I existed, I could die one happy lady....just sayin'....


Anonymous said...

I soooo agree with everything you posted here. And I too cannot wait for the Muppet movie!

Sending good vibes along to the twitter universe :)

Kara said...

Love this post :) He's one of my favorites. Can't wait to see the muppet movie. I think it's so cool that he got to live his dream and be a part of that. (oh, and I loooved what he did with the musical puppet number in FSM- genius)

alisia E. said...

My husband works at apolis and told me about your blog-specifically, this post. I too love Jason Segal as he is just so lovable in everything from Freaks and Geeks and HIMYM to Forgetting Sarah Marshall and I love you, man. Great post and blog!
Alisia E

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