Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Portland Volume 2: All That Other Stuff

Hey remember that one time I went to Portland two months ago? Well I got more to say about it! Since I have been ridiculous amounts a busy (I promise I will stop using that as an excuse..well probably never), I haven't been able to keep up with my events. What that means, is there is about a month lag between what I do, and what I post. Ah well...

So, Portland! One of my favorite parts of the city was walking around and exploring with everyone. Portland really is gorgeous, and has such interesting things to see. 
{Cool funky wall. Which Sarah told me I should take a picture of for my blog. Sheesh I am a bad blogger.}
{The cutest little family in all the land!}

Did I mention the amount of local breweries? I love trying new beers (ales, IPA, stout...whatever I call them all beer), so this was super exciting for me! Our first stop was a place called Rogue.
{Dead Guy Ale. What a cool name for a beer....I mean ale.}
{The Taster. How cute is this display!}

If you haven't caught a trend by now, we did a lot of eating and drinking on this trip. It is a wonder how I could still zip my pants up after this weekend. The next day we went off exploring again, and stumbled upon a local street fair. 
{Christa's ridiculously awesome purchase. Well played, Christa}
Did I mention their are a whooooole lot of Hipsters in Portland? Well we hit the mother load at this street fair. A Hipster gold mine, if you will. So, naturally my brother and I decided to make a game out of it called "Spot the Hipster". But, in order to be discreet about it, we decided to yell "Hipster" backwards whenever we spotted one. So imagine my brother and I walking down the street yelling "Ritshep!" literally every two seconds. (Yes we are aware that actually isn't "Hipster" spelled backwards. We didn't realize that at the time though.) I wouldn't say we were proud of our actions, but it definitely was entertaining. I totally won the game, by the way. 
{On the prowl for Ritsheps}

Then the big kids went off to their wedding, and I go to spend some time with this guy...
{Cutest. Nephew. EVER.}

Did I mention that not only was I the nanny all weekend, but I was also the official hairdresser as well? I am a jack of all trades really. I had to introduce Sarah to the SJP Bun that we all know so well across the Blogosphere.
{Would anyone like to hire me to do their hair?}
Finally, we ended our trop at another local bar called Life of Riley's, who had the most entertaining waitress/bartender I have ever met in my life. We stayed for a bit and had some good laughs and good beers before hoping on our flight back to sunny California!
{Such a cute couple.}

I seriously had such a fun time, and was so lucky to get to hang out with some of my favorite people in the whole world. I am down to be Nanny Kai for any and all trips in the future (Hint hint broseph). Sorry that was a long post, but I figured I should just get it all out there before another two months go by! 

Get excited, tomorrow I am blogging about the fabulous So Call Blogger Meetup from last weekend!!


Tammy @ Lemons, Avocados, and the Bay said...

So cute :) Portland is on my list of cities I must visit

Brittany said...

that baby is adorable. sooo much so.

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