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Fall TV Review Round-Up: Week 1

I don't know about you guys, but I love Fall TV Premiere time!! I am always excited to check out brand new shows, and even more excited when my favorite shows are back. I get so pumped actually that I have a document saved on my Desktop with the premiere dates of all the shows (in order), so that I know what to record when (insert Nick making fun of me here).

So I figured I would share with you in the weeks to come my opinions on the Fall TV Schedule this year. Maybe I might inspire you to check some out, or to avoid others all together. This week I will be recapping all the shows that premiered from the week prior.

Week 1
New Shows
Go On
What is not to like about a room full of crazies trying to work out there problems, and who can't relate?

 Network television must really have faith in trying to re-create lightning in a bottle with past Friends actors. They just keep giving Matthew Perry shows, bless his heart. I actually thought this show was pretty funny, and mostly because they have a good cast. I recognized a few people, including John Cho (Harold & Kumar) and Julie White (the crazy funny mom from Transformers).

Although it is a good ensemble, I don't know if it will have the staying power as some other comedies on TV these days. One can hope though, at least for Matthew Perry's sake...

The New Normal

Taking a cue from the success of Modern Family recreating the family, Ryan Murphey decided to bring his own version to NBC. Who is Ryan Murphey? Oh, he just created a little show named Glee, you might have heard of it...

The good news here is it isn't a cheap Modern Family knock-off...it is actually a really great show. First of all, I love Justin Bartha (National Treasure, The Hangover), and would probably watch anything with him in it. Second of all, this has a lot of the same type of writing and feel that Glee has, without the singing. It is witty and adorable, and I think it is going to stay for a while. Also, that little girl is kind of the cutest....that is all.

Returning Shows

You guys...I LOVE this show. I actually was late to the Parenthood train. My mom and sister-in-law kept telling me how good it was, so one day I decided to sit down and start from the beginning. I am so glad I did! If you haven't started watching, do so now!

If you have anything resembling a family, you will relate to this show on way or another. Yeah, there is drama, but at the heart of it is love, and a little bit of humor. They are all crazy, but at the end of the day, they are family. 

This season premiere focused on Haddie going to college across country, and of course made me cry. I love how this show has grown because there are always new things that happen in a progression and a growth of a family, that Parenthood captures it all so well...

Seriously...go watch it now. :)

The Voice

I had actually given up on singing competitions until this show came on a few years ago. The Voice gave the run of the mill singing shows the shot in the arm it so desperately needed. The judges are all great, and I love how they each have their own team that they mentor. 

It has been good every season so far, and this season is turning out pretty solid as well. There has been good talent, and some pretty good smack talking between these feisty judges. And really, if all else fails, can we just pause for a second and look at the gorgeous Adam Levine? 


I decided to give XFactor a shot this year, having never watched it before, for a few reasons. First of all, Britney Spears basically defined my childhood, so how could I not have interested in a show with her on it. And also, Demi Lovato is the cutest little thing ever, and has become quite the good role model for young women. So with those two stars, it can't go wrong right?


I was honestly kind of unimpressed. I kept thinking the show sort of missed something, and it very well might be the fact that there is no host? I think a good host can fill that empty space between auditions very well. But also, the talent was alright. Although, there was this girl that had been bullied that did make me cry (but then again, I cry all the time)...

So overall, I am just kind of on the fence about this one....and I think The Voice is better.


Confession: I have been a Gleek since day 1 of this show. 

I will never say anything bad about Glee (even when Quinn had that whole wheelchair plot), because I love it so. If you know anything about me, you know I am a Musical junkie, so this show is my drug of choice. Yes, I have over 100 Glee songs downloaded onto my iTunes...please don't judge me.

This season should be interesting! I am excited to see what Rachel and Kurt will be up to in New York, and what the New Directions will do without some of their best singers. But besides all of that, it needs to be said that I am SO excited for Kate Hudson to be on the show. She is just...fabulous...

If you haven't watched this show, I don't even know what to say to you right now.

That is my review of all the shows that premiered last week! 

What did you guys think of the new and returning shows? Are there any shows you are looking forward to? Let me know your thoughts on all the Fall TV out there!

Next week I will be reviewing Revolution, Parks and Recreation, Up All Night, and The Office!

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Shannon said...

I'm adding The New Normal to my DVR right now. It sounds cute, and I love NeNe! :) I've also been watching The Voice this season and I like it alot. I had given up on singing competitions, but this one is so different and I've been loving it. :)


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