Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wear it to Work!

Hey Hey Hey!

Last weekend was BOTH my parents retirement party back in good ole' Bakersfield. I had an amazing time dancing the night away with my family and friends. Don't worry, there will be pictures, and video (yes, video) of the party to come...

Oh, and I am sitting on pins and needles over here. The landlord of the apartment that we L-O-V-E said he would let us know by last Friday if we got the place or not. So, of course Friday rolls around and I e-mail him, and he tells me that he actually is going out of town for the weekend, and won't know until Tuesday. TUESDAY! How I have survived all weekend without pulling my hair out is beyond me. Luckily, today is Tuesday, so I am just waiting for an email, a call, heck a freaking smoke signal. Anything!!!!

While I wait, here is a little Wear it to Work for ya!

This outfit reminds me a little bit of Clark Kent. I may or may not be wearing a SuperMan outfit underneath this, you will never know. But really tough, I love my Ray Ban glasses. They have the power to make me feel so chic, which I never thought glasses could do. Not only that, but they are pretty helpful in making me see too! Looks like my glasses are the one's with the super-powers.

 Even though I am wearing one of my favorite new blouses (hello! H&M for $19.00!!!), I can't help to think that my hair makes me look like a lion here? Do you guys see it too, or am I just being ridiculous? Either way, this lion's mane of mine is quite hard to tame sometimes. Sometimes I curl it, and it decides it doesn't want to be curled anymore. Rude. Anyways this is when I just go with it and say "Oh yeah, I was going for loose curls today. Thanks"

 Buns. I love buns. Sticky Buns. Hamburger Buns. And of course my favorite, the top bun. Many a days the top bun has come to the rescue of my morning routine. In this case, I was trying a new curling technique, and it turned my hair into a crazy frizzy mess. (Seriously. Think Bride of Frankenstein.) Luckily, I just swoop my hair up in a top bun, and nobody knows the difference.

NEWS UPDATE: I found my Sea Spray Bottle!!!! It was hiding out at my brother's apartment in Irvine. Sneaky little thing. But it is back in it's rightful home, which means I can return to being extremely lazy at styling my hair. Messy hair is still in right?

 This is what I liked to call my "Escaped Convict" look. If escaped convicts straightened their hair, and wore glasses, which I am pretty sure they do. Look it up. This is a t-shirt my momma left with me on accident. I am not entirely sure if she remembers I have it, or if she wants it back? I am sure she will read this and let me know to return said shirt immediately, or else. So I guess me and my shirt are on the run like convicts after all....

 You know those days where you do something to you hair, and it turns out exactly how you wanted it? That was this day! I looked in the mirror in pure shock to see my hair curled perfectly. I made sure not to make any sudden movements, in fear that the curls would realize they were too perfect, and find a way to straighten themselves out. Also, don't you love my crochet top? Another fabulous H&M find. I am pretty sure it is the perfect top for Summer...and therefore will be wearing it every day.

Okay. This is kind of the reverse of the story above. My mom stole this top from me a long time ago, and since then I have had an empty hole in my heart from the sadness. So when I went home last weekend, I may have stolen it back. Sorry, mom, you can have it back....soon? Seriously though, it is the best purchase I have ever had at Forever 21, so I am willing to fight for it if I have to!!!

There you have it, my take on office style. If you have any pictures of you at the office, send them my way! Maybe you will be featured in the next Wear it to Work!!


caz said...

I sporadically post my work outfits... stop by and visit sometime.. :)



Diana Smith said...

You look so cute in glasses!

waldo said...

OMG...Can you say "HORSE THIEF" and "INDIAN GIVER"...(sorry not politically correct per se). If you recall, obviously you do not, you gave me that blouse...I believe we even traded for the little brown beauty! As for the striped number, it's difficult to pack everything when the above-mentioned model probably hides them under her pillow. Just because they obviously look better on you is no excuse for this villainery.....to see your sins on the web....SHOCKING!....BUT, alas....I still love you!

Kristine said...

I'm loving your hair in the second pictures... even though you think it's you look like a lion. I think you look hot! (in a very non-sexual way, obvs)

[SMASH] said...

So pretty as expected! I love your loose curls with the floral top -- they just "go" you know? :)

Nadiine said...

I love your photos in the last set :)

Shalyn said...

You are adorable- no your hair never makes you look like a lion!

Looks like I need to take a trip to H&M!

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