Thursday, July 28, 2011


The iPhone rocks, and one of my favorite apps is Instagram. Or as I like to call it, Insta-awesome. It is so awesome because it has the ability to make every day normal pictures look amazing. So therefore I find myself taking pictures of random stuff I see throughout the day. As Ames from the Bachelorette would say, I am finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. Oh Ames, you and your magical sentences will be missed...

Anyhoo, I thought I would give you a crash course in some of my Summer activities through my Instagram pictures...
{Dad and I at the Dodgers game!}
{My loves.}
{Look at that smirk. This kid is going to be so smooth with the ladies}
{Some sweet shoes that I won thanks to Anna! Thanks for the Ruche gift card girl!!}
{An amazing Coffee Table that Nick's mom found at a garage sale for us. LOVE the 70's vibe}
{Self-portraits? I am awkward.}
{Sparkly top coat. Obsessed.}
{The face he was giving me when I was on the computer. Guilt tripping me into playing with him.}
{Sushi and Sake, followed by downtown adventures with one of the besties Kat (a.k.a Little)}
{Sunglasses+Coral Lip Gloss+Sparkly Nails=Summer Formula}
{Cruisin...don't worry I was parked!!}
{A sneak peek at my new place. Love.}
Seriously though, the iPhone is the best investment ever. I am addicted...I am also addicted to summer and sunshine. Is it just me, or has this summer flew by?

 Momma Mercado is coming down today, to help me move into my new place!! I am so excited for a bigger space, in a great neighborhood. Pictures to come, don't you worry.


Anna said...

omg. need those wedges!!!
and your nails. So presh. I need to do something cute with mine asap.

Ashley said...

i love me some instagram too! cute pics girlfriend!

melifaif said...

LOVE the pic of you and poppa. Too cute...and we are rocking that sparkle top coat too! Right on sista...right on summer!!!

Christi Lynn said...

those shoes are to die for! so cute!

[SMASH] said...

Obsessed with my iPhone too. I want to find a cool picture app that no one's into yet. Gotta be ahead of the curve. [LOL just kidding, I'm never ahead of the curve!] Love that sparkle polish!!

Shalyn said...

That first pic is my fave- you look gorgeous!

Sherry said...

Awesome shoes and I love the glitter polish!!! Great blog!! :)

♡Shayla♡ said...

great photos! i LOVE instagram! almost as i love that sparkley fingernail polish!

I was just dropping by all of my old followers to let everyone know the blog has changed url- if you'd like to resubscribe head over to

It'd be fun to hear from you and see your comments on the page.

Lily said...

oh those wedges are soo pretty! Great photos! I am also obsessed with instagram, it's just too much fun!

this free bird said...

I am totally hooked on the iPhone too--and instagram. AND YOUR COFFEE TABLE!! That was an awesome score!


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