Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Weekend Wonderment

As a person that works full-time, I have learned to take full advantage of my weekends. If by chance I find myself in a three day weekend, I make sure to squeeze as much fun into three days as I possibly can...

Starting with some quality Nick and Hudson time. Nothing makes me happier then sitting in my room with Nick, and playing with our Goober McGroober. My two men together always find a way to make me smile. Even though I might have a busy weekend ahead of me, filled with all sorts of activities, I make sure to stop and enjoy what I have right in front of me. Because what I have here, is pretty great...
{My two men.}
The time we spend together now is even more important now that Nick has started working on the weekends. I make sure to take in every kiss, every look, and every smile just that much more. I mean, look at those eyes...a girl could just get lost...

The great thing about Nick and I's relationship is that we know how important it is to spend time with our friends. Neither of us cares one bit if the other calls a respective "Girl's Night" or "Guy Time". If you want my advice (you are going to get it either way), letting your significant other have their time with their friends is they key to a healthy relationship. Not only does it show complete trust in the other person, but it let's your girlfriend or boyfriend know that you respect them and their needs. But hey, I'm no expert.

So off I went on Friday to have some much needed girl time! Two of my best friends just moved to Pacific Beach, which has made it extremely impossible to come up with excuses to not join them on a night on the town. 
{Bakersfield unite!}
{Yes. That is my friend Kristina in the background who decided to Photobomb}

After a night of adventures and laughs, I was off to Irvine for the night to visit my brother and his wife, and of course my little baby Nephew. 
{By the way...fedoras are the greatest invention ever! I will not be doing my hair for the rest of the summer. That is all.}

Every time I see Parker, I am amazed by how much he has changed. Even if has only been two weeks, I swear he always looks so different. It amazes me how much they grow in such a short period of time, and I can't wait for him to keep on getting bigger! I am so filled with joy every time I get to hold him, even if he is crying or spitting up on me. That kid can spit up on my all he wants, I will still think he is the cutest thing alive.
{I mean. C'mon.}
And I had my first big accomplishment too! I got him to fall asleep, all by myself. This was so exciting for me because I have never really been around babies before, and therefore don't have a lot of experience in the area. But when he fell asleep on my shoulder, i felt so loved and so proud of myself as an auntie. He loves me, he really does! 

I don't have a picture of him asleep on my just yet, but I am sure I will. But of course once I got him to fall asleep, my brother's friend (a.k.a. Uncle Michael) stole him from me just in time for a photo-opp.
{I will let it slide because the picture is so gosh darn cute!}

Nick and I rounded up the weekend with a nice 4th of July BBQ, just us two. It was mellow, and exactly what I wanted to do for the day. We ate a lot, enjoyed the sunshine, laughed, and played a few video games (yes I am a nerd). I love celebrating holiday with Nick, and starting our own traditions. This year we started a new tradition of going to the beach to watch the 1st Annual La Jolla Fireworks Show. 
{Lounging on our random Lion blanket}
    The beach was packed, but we didn't mind! It was kind of fun to have the whole community out having a good time together. I loved seeing all of the kids with sparklers, and all the marshmallows being roasted. It made me want to make sure that one day we have traditions like this for our kids.
{a tid bit of the show}
Overall the weekend was filled with family and friends, and the people that are most important to me. I am okay with running around like a chicken with my head cut off during the week, if it means that weekends are full of times like these.


Michelle (michabella) said...

Could you and your girlfriends pls donate your gorgeous hair to me?! Mmmmk?! Thanks ;)

Looks like a lovely weekend! Your nephew is so so so cute!!! <3

Bon Bon said...

I've been rocking the fedora this summer too:-) Goodbye bad hair days! xoxo

linds.eliz said...

Score! for fun weekends! I've been dog sitting for a week, so my weekend was filled with a dog and a side of fireworks.

Op! The next weekend is coming up already--yay!

Kristine said...

Haha, I am a total photobomber. Your friend and I would be good friends, hah!

brookeiam said...

you are absolutely beautiful!! and in those pictures you are extra extra photogenic!

[SMASH] said...

Oh so you think you can just have an adorable man, a cute pup, gorgeous friends, AND a darling nephew?! Well I guess you can. :)

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