Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Great Pumpkin

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Since last year was kind of a bust (I actually didn't do one thing for Halloween), I was determined to make this year filled with Halloween Goodness. First, and most important, thing on my list was to go to to a Pumpkin Patch. Apparently the very best one near San Diego is close to an hour away, which Nick immediately vetoed. We found one within a reasonable distance from our house, and off we went.

Now, if we had known we would get lost for an hour, then we probably would have just gone to the better patch. But that is besides the point. (But really. We went about 7 miles in the wrong direction.) We finally arrived at our Pumpkin Patch destination, and it was...hot. Did I mention that if you drive inland 15 minutes from the coast, it is like 20 degrees hotter. It is like a different climate over there. I will take my beach weather any day, thank you.
{Finally at the Pumpkin Patch!}
{I swear he was more excited then he looks in this picture.}
There was a pretty sub-par Corn Maze, that probably wasn't worth going through. But if you are at a Pumpkin Patch,  and they have a Corn Maze, I am pretty sure it is a requirement to do it. Truth be told, I actually got lost once or twice. But I credit that to my lousy sense of direction, not the difficulty of the Corn Maze.
{I actually kind of love the colors in this picture}
{Leading us to safety.}

Then it was off to choose our perfect pumpkin. But first, a little face in hole photo-opp?
{I don't know why I decided to go with the "offended cat" look?}

I decided that we must choose Pumpkins that match us. Nick's would be tall and lean. Mine would be short and stumpy. And we can't forget Hudson. His would be the littlest of them all. After walking through rows of pumpkins, we finally found the perfect match! Like choosing a Christmas tree, I believe the Pumpkin finds you, you don't find the Pumpkin. There is a cosmic synergy to the whole thing. (I think I just made up the term "Cosmic Synergy")
{Nick and I's Pumpkin Soulmates.}
Quite pleased with our selections, we hurried home to carve these babies up!

Stay tuned for my Halloween Adventure!


Olivia.Dee said...

what pumpkin patch is an hour away!?

Olivia.Dee said...

p.s. love that shot of the corn maze. gorgeous colors.

wfayew said...


Gertrude said...

That looks so fun!! I really wish Halloween was celebrated more where I live so I could carve a pumpkin hehe x

Jamie said...

Looks like fun!

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