Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mamma and Poppa Mercado!

Oh hey! Remember me? Probably not. After three straight weekends of traveling (Orange County, Portland, and Vegas), I am officially exhausted. Pooped. Done. Out for the count. So, I do apologize for being M.I.A. on this lovely little blog of mine. But I am officially on catching-you-guys-up-on-my-life mode! We will start with a little visit from my family to Sunny San Diego!

For those of you who don't know, Nick and I just recently moved into an old apartment (and between you and me, it is VASTLY better then my old place). You might also not know that my mother was an Interior Decorator, and is also the craftiest person I know. So when I asked her to help decorate my apartment, she was all over it like white on rice.  But since she lives 4 hours away, she had to lug all of it down to San Diego, and my dad joined her.

Here is a sneak peak of something she made...
The pillow, not the dog. But the dog seems to like the pillow. Everything she made is amazing, and exactly what I wanted! I will show you guys more of what my mom made a little later. Hopefully I can get Momma Mercado on here, so she can tell you herself!

After my mom got all of her designs in, we decided to have a fun Game Night! We pulled out a personal favorite of mine, Phase 10!
 {There might have been some Margaritas involved. What is a Game Night without some Margs??}
 {Big Winner! Actually I lost, but I am pretty sure they cheated.}

The next day we did some shopping at a few Home stores (The Home Depot employees and I are now besties). Then my brother decided to drive down and join us for dinner. Since my dad is a seafood lover (as am I), we decided to go to the always fun Joe's Crab Shack!
 {Isn't he handsome?}
 {Oh yeah. We ate crab. And we rocked the bibs!}

It was a great weekend spent with my favorite people in the whole world, my family. Luckily, Nick and I have a spare bedroom in our new place. So hopefully they will be planning a lot more visits in the future! 
{All we are missing is Shea, Sarah, and Paker!}


Anna said...

I was literally JUST thinking...wtf where has Kai been?

Cute pictures! My mama is pretty crafty too, which comes in handy with all the wedding planning!

Kristine said...

I’ve seen a ton of commercials for Joe’s Crab Shack yet I don’t think we have one up here in WA. I really want to go to one; I’m a sucker for seafood!

becky said...

OMG did you have your wide angle lens on? Along with that shark I resemble a whale! It was a fun weekend...and I don't have to cheat.

Cubette said...

i follow you now! please come visit my blog @ http://cubettescorner.blogspot.com/ and follow back!♥

Elizabeth and Kyle @ Love Is the Adventure said...

Awww, what a great family visit!

I love that picture of you and your dad. My dad would totally be that excited about wearing a bib, too.

I'm excited to see pictures of the newly-decorated apartment!

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