Monday, October 24, 2011

A Halloween Giveaway!

This week I will be going over all things Halloween! I love this time of year, and have been getting extra psyched to celebrate, and check some things off my fall check list.

Before I begin, I want to tell you guys the winner of my last Giveaway!

The Winner Is...

Congrats Jessie!!! Email me to find out how you get your free Canvas Print!

Alright back to business. Nothing gets me more excited for Fall than filling the house with Seasonal scents with an amazing candle. Luckily, my friend Staci over at Scentsy reached out to me right in time for the season. Staci is a Sales Representative for an amazing company called Scentsy, who specializes in Flameless Candles. What you do is put the Scentsy into the Scentsy Warmer, and it melts and smells better than any candle!

Since I am one lucky lady, she sent me one to test and share with all of you! Check it out!
I got to choose any design, and I chose the Casbah Full-size Scentsy Warmer with and Autumn Sunset Scentsy
These are SO easy to use, and so much better than an every day normal candle. No melting wax. No fire hazard. And it looks a million times more chic. With hundreds of designs to choose from , you can match a Scentsy Warmer to your own unique decor! Did I mention they have Holiday designs??? (Awesome!)

I absolutely love my Scentsy Warmer, and I know you will too. If you want to buy your own (which you should, obvi!), hop on over to the Party Staci is hosting for me. 

And if all of THAT weren't enough, Staci is offering to host a Giveaway on this little blog of mine! Here is what you can win!

A Scentsy Scent Pak of Your Choice!
These little babies are perfect to stash any place you want to keep smelling AMAZING. Keep them in your purse, your gym bag, your drawers. They will keep anything smelling spectacular!

Ways to Enter:
1) Be a Follower of this Blog, and leave a comment letting me know which Scentsy Pak Scent you would choose!

Extra Entries:
2) Follow me on Twitter (@ComplicatedKai)
3) Follow Staci on Twitter (@StaciBrener)
4) Tweet about this Giveaway:
"@ComplicatedKai and @StaciBrener are hosting a Scentsy Giveaway! I hope I win!"
5) Blog About this Giveaway

(Please leave a separate comment for each entry!)

Good luck!!!


Jessie said...

eeeeeeeeee I won! And I just e-mailed you :) Thanks so much for the amazing giveaway! And your Scentsy is adorable. I'm thinking I'm going to get one veeeeeery soon.


melifaif said...

I so need to jump on this Scentsy wagon. I hear fabu things and just haven't jump in yet! And there are soooo many scent to choose from. I think I would love the Coconut Lemongrass or the Rio Beach.....yeah! Thanks for the chance. Cheers to the Halloween season.

Love, meli

Staci said...

Coconut Lemongrass is my favorite! I started out hosting a Scentsy party and I loved it so much that I became a consultant myself since I was buying so many products anyways. If you need anymore recommendations or have any questions let me know!

Kara said...

Wow, these sound really cool. At first I thought it was one of those wax melt-y things (totally forgot the name), but these don't have wax melting? I have to see this in action. I see a bunch of scents that I want, but if I had to pick one it would be French Lavender.

Kara said...

I follow you on twitter!

Kara said...

Sent a follow request to Staci on twitter

Kara said...

Tweeting this also (can you tell I really want this? haha)

Julie said...

I like baked applie thanks

Brittany said...

oh my, so many options! anything with vanilla in it, honey and oats sounds interesting but so does skinning dippin' and rio beach...i want them all!

Brittany said...

obvi follow you and stacface on twitter

caz said...

You haven't posted a winner yet, so I hope I'm not too late to enter!!

I am totally overwhelmed by the choice of scents!!

I especially love the one named "Sharp Dressed Man" LMAO!!

I think I would love Christmas Cottage or Autumn Sunset... I actually think I would love ALL of them... but I'm super curious about those two!!

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