Monday, November 22, 2010

Blogs to Love

Okay, due to minor complications I had to postpone my new feature last week. But, it is back and better than ever this week! Let's do this!
I am particularly giddy about the blog I am featuring this week. By now you know that I am a girly-girl with a little bit of a twist. You might also know that I have a weird obsession with cupcakes. Well, this company and blog combines just that!
The fabulous Donna, the blogger behind Suddenly I See, has a fabulous blog for her company Dressing on the Side. She makes the cutest t-shirts in the whole wide world, and I literally want all of them! You should definitely go check out her blog and her shop on Etsy. Here is my favorite design:
Not only because i say "sweet" 100 times a day, but I also have a huge sweet-tooth! Perf.
I was lucky enough to interview Donna, and ask her some questions about all the fabulousness that is Dressing on the Side. She is a great person, with great opinions and thoughts on fashion and style.
What inspired you to start Dressing on the Side?
Dressing on the Side was sort of a goof to start. I am a children's book author of "The Cupcakes Club" and created a shirt that was tongue in cheek about the girls of the club (our Cupcakes Are Cool shirt).  After creating it, I realized that "big" kids would dig this shirt as well and decided to post it and a couple others on etsy. To make a long story short- the shirts are doing extremely well and I sold The Cupcakes Club website to someone in the field of education (I had dreams of "The Cupcakes Club" turning into a porn site or something seedy so I was either going to shut it down or sell it to someone I knew would take care of it).

Why did you decide to have a food theme for your shirt designs?
Food is something everyone loves or has a favorite dish they melt over and food idioms are so cheeky and fun. I love the idea of designing a shirt with a common phrase or saying but having the artwork turn it into a giggle.

Where do you look for inspiration for your design trends?
Blogs, catalogs. I've always been a vintage lover and enjoy wearing the basics with something a little different that starts a conversation.

Who are your top three fashion icons, and why?
-Jenna Lyons of J.Crew- I love how she mixes the high end with the low, the sequins with the t-shirt, the "opposites attract" factor she's always thinking of.
-Kathleen of Jeremy & Kathleen- She puts clothes together that inspire you to search your closet and create. She shops at department stores, online, vintage, and it always works! 
-Two for one on this one- mother and daughter Judy and Jane Aldridge of Atlantis Home and Sea of Shoes blogs. They wear shoes I can only dream about but I love their sense of style and their shopping habits at ebay and vintage stores

I love cupcakes, and I can see you do too! What is the best cupcake you ever had?
I like to say that cupcakes are in the middle of all happy memories so every cupcake is delicious! That being said; I would think a few cupcakes we had in Portland at Saint Cupcake were beyond!

What is your favorite shirt in your collection at the moment?

Ooh- that's like asking which child is a mother's favorite! I'll go with the  simple ones--the "sweet" shirt and "toast". One word; so many meanings!

If you could splurge on one fabulous item, what would it be?
The Burberry Aviator jacket is pretty fabulous, isn't it? 

Do you have any advice for fellow bloggers?
 Post your passion. Write about things you love. Be yourself and others will want to find you.

If you could be one animal, what would it be?
A kangaroo. They are so cute yet so powerful and keep their loved ones close by.

So many great answers! Seriously? A kangaroo might be the coolest answer I have ever heard to the "What animal would you be" question. And YES The Burberry Aviator jacket is quite fabulous. Actually, anything Burberry is the definition of fabulous. Literally, look it up in the dictionary!

Donna truly inspires me to follow the very funky beat of my own drum, and it will eventually pay off. Her shirts are so cute and charming, and I hope you guys all run off to her website and pick a few up. Donna was nice enough to send me my favorite design! (I will model for you as soon as I get it!) 

And because she loves all of you guys so much, she is offering all of my readers free shipping for any orders! How exciting is that?????? Just mention All Kinds of Complicated when buying your new cute shirt! Thank you Dressing on the Side!

No Complications, just Cupcakes and Fashion!


Brooke said...

This is so great! Love her blog :D

Young People in Love said...

Just found your blog via the cute eday :) new follower!

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